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How Do I Know When I Need Ghostbusters or a Vacuum Cleaner?

When we talk about orbs, actually it is nothing more than just a terminology that refers to phenomena that is related to spherical light printed on film. Hence, the International Ghost Hunters Society then coined the term ‘orb’ back in 1994 to refer to ghost existence that appears in the form of light orb, just as an easy reference. Hence, the ghost orb since then has become a general terminology to refer to ghosts that appear in orb form.

Unfortunately, the terminology is too general that not only refers to ghost presence that appears in the form of an orb, but it also brings about confusion among most people, as the environment also produces similar phenomena. However, because the terminology does not specify an exact characteristic to differentiate between ghost orbs and dust orbs, therefore it has become a trap of confusion for most of us; as some of us may think that all orbs are ghosts, while some others may think that all orbs are dust.

Orb dust always has a demarcated outer ring as its permanent characteristic and there are no better vacuum cleaner or a ghostbusters to remove it.
Orb dust always has a demarcated outer ring as its permanent characteristic and there is no better vacuum cleaner or  ghostbuster – to remove it.

Hence, because of the lack of understanding regarding the differences between the ghost orb and environmental dust orb, we then ask the most ridiculous question, such as, how do I know when I need Ghostbusters or a vacuum cleaner? What I would like to suggest is, to be open minded and to be practical, as there is no a better vacuum cleaner nor Ghostbuster that can remove pesky spirits or cleanup dust. To answer such questions will be according to our personal perceptions, beliefs and thoughts. Therefore, the secret that can remove a pesky spirit is—unconditional love—The Universal Love that holds everything within God’s Mind. Moreover, the missing key that prevents one from progressing in life is none other than FREEWILL, while dust particles would only settle down when its purpose for a particular moment is complete.

Perhaps the video below is a good parody to explain how sometimes some of us may think that we are being haunted, or even being stalked by demons, just because we have no understanding of what we fear of. Therefore, the video recording below is worth a thousand words to explain that there is no such a better vacuum cleaner that can suck up all dust that is freely floating in the air, as the environment actively produces many kinds of dust. In other words, orb phenomenon is only a general term that generalises the light orb phenomenon printed on film, but not all orbs are dust nor ghosts. Both must co-exist  in line with the concept of Dualism within the mind of God.

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