Distance is not significant in the Spirit World.
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Distance: Is it Significant in Spirit Daily Life in the Parallel World?

These Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were recorded while we were out for dinner. Interestingly, the spirits were aware that no one was around at home. Furthermore, there were two things that they had mentioned; first a diamond that could be purchased here, maybe referring to a shop that exists in the parallel world. Secondly, they mentioned Mount Kinabalu located about four thousand kilometers away. These EVPs prove that the spirits of the dead do visit the living and seem to live just like us, whereby distance seems not to be a problem at all – suggesting that distance is not significant in spirit daily life in the parallel world.

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Distance is not significant in the Spirit World.
Distance may not be significant at all to the spirits in the Parallel World.

Furthermore, theseĀ EVPs were recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder.

Oingolou tulu (Headache) – 22.8kb

Tingkatan dua (Form Two) – 11.7kb

Haro ii tulun – tertinggal ingatan – 22.9kb

SpiritĀ 1: Haro ii tulun (There’s someone around)

Spirit 2: Tertinggal ingatan (Who has no memory)

Tunggu sat (Sebentar) (Please wait a while) – 13.8kb

Oh don’t bluff – Hudi tulun (Look! There is someone) – 14.9kb

Haro tulun – Aiso – 11.3kb

  • Spirit 1: Haro tulun (There is someone around)Spirit 2: Aiso (Nobody!)

Balik sudah – Belum – 24kb

  • Spirit 1: Balik sudah? ( Are we going back already?)Spirit 2: Belum (Not yet)

Membeli intan di sini (Purchase a diamond here!) – 16.5kb

Come haro poborosonku (Come here, there is something I would like to tell you) – 13.3kb

Karati komoyon nu (I Understand what do you mean) – 12.8kb

Ke Kinabalu (To the Mount Kinabalu) – 14.5kb

Saya jumpa (I found it) – 9.58kb

Fikiran (An opinion) – 7.44kb

Ku maksudkan (I mean it) – 18.5kb

Nombor satu iri (It’s supposedly number one) – 11.5kb

Osogit (Cool) – 10.6kb

Susunon – for who? – 10.3kbSpirit 1: Susunon (Please arrange)

Spirit 2: For who?

Intangai – help – 14.9kb

Spirit 1: Intangai (Look!)

Spirit 2: Help!

Bad – Mad bila? – 19.2kb

Spirit 1: Bad!

Spirit 2: Mad bila? (Mad? when?)

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