Ghost Voices, Research Findings

Parallel World Accident Captured During Ghost Research

These research findings by a team of investigators had recorded a parallel world accident of unknown sequences in the physical dimension. Yet, apparently this parallel accident actually was a foretelling of the actual accident that happened after a month. Furthermore, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) recorded also had mentioned an individual’s name – Piojuster. Interestingly, who was Piojuster? The voices that were recorded in this ghost research were speaking in the local dialects i.e. Sabah Malay, as well as Dusun.

A team that had recorded a parallel world accident.

Automatic – 6.42kb

Sound of a small object passing by – 2.85kb

A lorry hits someone – 57.8kb

Spirit 1: Odoii… (hit by a lorry)

Spirit 2: Sudah takdir ( As planned )

Spirit 3: Go where?

Spirit 2: Mana dia? (Where is he?)

Sudah takdir-Go where-Mana dia – ( Forward speech ) – 18.3kb

Spirit 2: Sudah takdir ( As planned )

Spirit 3: Go where?

Spirit 2: Mana dia? (Where is he?)

Mana dia-nyawa-Dia mati (Where is he?-Life-He’s dead) – (Reverse Speech) – 25.1kb

Spirit 2: Mana dia? (Where is he?)

Spirit 3: Nyawa! (Life!)

Spirit 2: Dia mati! (He’s dead)

Katil 76 kasi dapan – ( Bed No.76 to be placed in front) – 4.17kb

Piojuster pinataiku (Piojuster I killed him!)Forward Speech – 13.3kb

Pinatai kodoit – ( Killed! Keep quiet. ) – Reverse speech – 13.3kb


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