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Parallel Worlds Phenomenon: Capturing the Consciousness of the Spirit World


The occurrences of the Parallel Worlds phenomenon overlapping on film happen all the time, but we fail to understand them, due to lack of understanding. This phenomenon can be captured on film, because of it floating around us in just some millimetres away, in the form of a dark matter.

Furthermore, our focused intention to see the spirit world may help us not only to be able to open a doorway to the parallel worlds, but also our mind will be able to be aligned with the universal consciousness. In fact, the Parallel Worlds phenomenon is no longer a mystery, as some of us may have heard or even have read about the scientific beliefs on the existence of the parallel worlds, as mentioned by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf in his book Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds, and by Dr. Michio Kaku, in his book Parallel Worlds: The Science of Alternative Universes and Our Future in The Cosmos.

parallel worlds phenomenon image
It is the scientific belief that Parallel Worlds exist. – [ Image By: ]

As you see, the image above visually describes the Parallel Worlds paradox from the scientific perspective, and the whole picture represents the mind of the universe that contains the existence of both dimensions that co-exist. It can also be described using a reflection reflected on a mirror when we stand up in front of the mirror. We can see our exact selves in the mirror, but both we and our mirror image have differences that tell us that we and our reflection indeed do co-exist, from the unification of the self-reference concept perspective.

In simple words, Parallel Worlds can mean ‘a duplicate of others’, but both dimensions are separated by their very own differences. The physical dimension is in the form of matter, while the parallel worlds is in the form of energy. In a similar manner, we represent the physical matter while our reflection in the mirror represents the existence of the parallel worlds. Here, the mirror’s surface becomes the point of singularity, where we and our ‘copy’ co-exist, connected through the mind singularity. Hence, the parallel worlds simply means the spirit world. Furthermore, the spirit world indeed exists as an extension of the physical world. This is because the physical dimension is the self-reference of the spirit world that both co-exist and are connected through the universe mind singularity.

Parallel Worlds Phenomenon Overlaps in Daily Life

Do we really believe in the duplicate concept that is related to the Parallel Worlds phenomenon? As for me, I do. In fact, I have met my own duplicate. My real name is Augustine Towonsing but somehow Augustine’s duplicate is called ‘Anthony’, or at other times called ‘Andrew’. As far as I am concerned, people have called me ‘Anthony’ at least eight times and ‘Andrew’ three times, whereby most of them know me very well, yet have simply unconsciously called me ‘Anthony’ or ‘Andrew’. When I asked why they had called me by such a name, they confidently answered that in their mind, that was my name. Similarly, when the late Dr. Dave Oester himself put my name as ‘Anthony Towonsing’, CGR, CPI, CEVP, PDP, I immediately realised that ‘Anthony’ is most probably my duplicate  from the future which means that although ‘Anthony’ and I are alike, we yet have differences in certain areas, and I believe that ‘Anthony’ is much more advanced than myself in the paranormal field. Perhaps, our duplicate may tell us of our future and at present, I am only following the courses that ‘Anthony’ has already taken.

Capturing the Parallel Worlds Phenomenon Overlapping on Film

I would like to point out some good reasons that may explain how the overlapping Parallel Worlds may possibly be captured on film. I believe that success in capturing the paranormal may have correlation with the alignment of the mind unification between our organic brain consciousness and the spiritual brain—the universe consciousness. In other words, the logical mind must be aligned with the Spiritual Mind, for both minds are set in singularity. In fact, I strongly believe that one’s high intention focused towards obtaining something in the future is linked and interrelated with our existence in the present-future dimension.  Similarly, in ghost research, our positive thinking that remains 100% focussed during a ghost research makes possible for us to physically attend the state of body-mind-soul unification.

the mind body the soul body the physical body of parallel worlds phenomenon
With the gift of understanding on the mind, body and soul concept, we can attain inner peace that brings unlimited understanding on the spiritual side.

The unification process combines our intelligences consisting of three large resources, which are the mind body, the physical body and the soul body. The mind plays an important role as a bridge to connect our physical body with the soul body. Our physical body is represented by our five senses that will help us understand the paranormal vision received from the senses of the soul body.

Furthermore, because the physical body and the soul body are in the state of unification through the mind singularity, thus, the information received from the senses of the soul body will transfer to the senses of the physical body. In that way, our physical senses will then send the information received to the organic brain of the physical body, so that it may process the said information logically. Our five senses will be unable to sense the presence of the spirit if our physical body is not connected to the soul body because the inner soul represents the universal consciousness. Therefore, 100% concentration during field investigation of ghost research plays a very important role of achieving mind singularity.

Making a Connection with the Consciousness of the Spirit World

When we are conducting a ghost research, the research subject is not the ordinary human being, but instead the spirit that exists in the form of energy. If you want to know if spirits exist, then perhaps you have to ask the spirits themselves, rather than the man in the street. Ghost research is not a research on people psychology and their perception on ghost existence, but a research that directly is in contact with the spirits themselves as research subject participants.

Yet, the question is; how do we contact the spirit when we cannot even see them? During a field ghost research, first we need to empty our mind, leave all worries and daily life routines behind, and fully concentrate on the field ghost research. Then give instructions to our inner soul (the soul body) to take the lead. Finally, use senses of the soul body to feel the surroundings by feeling the field ghost research situation, and for this, we need to concentrate using our five senses in order to sense the spirits’ presence.

mysterious faces the citizens of the parallel worlds phenomenon
The overlapping faces was one of the best evidences that Malaysian Ghost Research had captured to prove the existence of the Parallel Worlds that was captured on 23rd. October 2005 at Bukit Hijau, Baling in Kedah. – [ Extracted photo by AUGUSTINE TOWONSING ]

This technique is one which I call the Mind body-Soul body-Physical Body Union is where our physical body becomes one with the soul body that represents the spirit world. If we can hear somebody speak or moving around when there is no one around, see somebody or feel the air temperature change, then we would have already merged with the soul body. That is why I prefer to conduct my field ghost research solo, where my concentration all the time remains 100%. Therefore, this technique also can be easily adopted by anyone.


The possibilities to capture the Parallel Worlds overlapping on film is not impossible, if we allow our organic brain to be aligned with the universal consciousness through the soul body representing the mind of the Spirit World.

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