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Ghost Hunting: When is the Best Time for Ghost Hunting?

24 June 2018  by Augustine Towonsing



Some of us may wonder why sometimes we fail to capture a ghost photo or ghost voices even if we are at a highly haunted location. Conducting a ghost investigation is very simple, yet it is not necessary for us to meet with success if we don’t follow the standards and protocols for ghost hunting, or  we may follow the standards and protocols but still fail to document ghost existence for a reason.

The Myth of Best Times for Ghost Hunting

According to the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS), the best time to conduct ghost hunting is during the full moon, new moon and two or three days of either side of the full and new moon, during the geomagnetic storm and during the electrical storm. In fact, to the lists addition for the best time for ghost hunting some other ghost hunting society believed that 3 a.m is another best time for ghost hunting because it is believed to be the wee hours that is belongs to the demon.

Unfortunately, back in 2007 I had faces a critical moment whereby all of sudden I found that my ghost hunting resulting to failed to document the ghost existence. Furthermore, at the same year I tried to conduct ghost hunting during the aforementioned wee hours but both the recommended time for ghost hunting was failed, in that force me to abandoned the said recommended list of the best time for ghost hunting.

During the geomagnetic storm has been assign to be one of the best time for ghost hunting by IGHS

When is the Best Time for Ghost Hunting?

The question is, when is the best time for ghost hunting? In search for an answer why all of sudden my ghost hunting resulting to failed to document ghost existence, it force me to conduct a year of a scientific research to collect data by conducting a ghost hunting randomly without following the lunar calendar as well as conducting ghost hunting during the wee hours.

In 2008, after a year collecting data finally I have found the answers to the best time for ghost hunting. The scientific research had found that there is no such thing best time for ghost hunting. In fact, the research findings shows an interesting phenomenon whereby my ghost hunting result are more positive result during the non-listed best time for ghost hunting.

In fact, the research findings have disqualified the said list of supposedly recommended time for ghost hunting as there are other important factors that have to mandatory observe during a ghost hunting. The one year research on search the best time for ghost hunting have proven and suggest that there is no best time for ghost hunting.

I come into a realisation that my success in documenting ghost existence in my earlier days of my ghost hunting success is due to intention and undivided focus. In other words, there is no limit of time reference when we should conduct ghost hunting. It can be any time according to our freewill.

Respect And Reverence Towards Spirit of the Dead

The one year research was also had emphasize the degree of inter-acceptance between ghost hunters and the spirit. As well as the understanding on ghost hunting background and most importantly observing the mandatory personal standards and protocols which is respect and reverence towards the spirit of the dead.

Therefore, I would like to emphasize that respect for the dead is mandatory when we are going to conduct such an investigation. One may ask, do the spirit of the dead show respect towards the living if we show respect towards them? I believe that we are connected spiritually with universal love and love in nature is kind and gentle that creates warm relationships and harmony to those around us. Therefore, when we show kindness and respect that comes from the bottom of our inner soul, that energy not only bring us the state of attaining personal inner peace at moment but also would touch the hearts of others that in turn will respond accordingly to the energy that they have received.

In fact, in my experienced during a cemetery - 1 hour solo investigation, I managed to documented that the spirits of dead do respond positively according to how we respect them. In this investigation mentioned, I have captured an Electronic Voice Phenomena through the camera video and also the voice recorder saying “Hello”. However, when the reverse speech was applied, the spirit’s subconscious said “Who are you?”, here again proving that even though the particular spirit didn’t know me but the fact the spirit had the courtesy to say “Hello”. This proves that spirits retained their human qualities and responded positively how we respect them personally. Another occasion during my solo investigation whereby prior to stop the video recording the spirit have the courtesy to say "thank you" that prove that the basic human nature that acts as a kind of attraction is respect for others that is not judgemental.


Based on Malaysian Ghost Research experience for the past 14 years as solo ghost researcher, all times are best for ghost hunting - as long as you have focus towards your ghost hunting as every matter exists in one definite existence that has no beginning nor end - it is God's Mind that holds everything. Therefore there is no such thing the best time for ghost hunting as everything is determine by YOU. 

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This article also have been published under the IGHS newsletter: Newsletter, December 16, 2006 High Desert of Central Oregon inline with 20,617 readers.

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