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River and spiritual life.

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Does life continue after the death of the physical body?

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Does life have an end? It has been scientifically proven that life has no end. In fact, our ghost research findings have confirmed that life does continue even after the death of the physical body. In fact, the experiences of normal people that continue to have recollections of their past life suggest that life is infinite.

Furthermore, if it is true there is no life after death then perhaps we don’t need a religion to teach us about life as well as the afterlife; or perhaps it is a waste of time to believe in God as the Source of Life, and it may be a great mistake to believe in the concept of reincarnation.

Yet, there’s one simple question that we need to ask ourselves. Do we know why we are here in the physical world being trapped in the physical body? What is our purpose to live in the physical body? And, where do we go after the death of the physical body? 

Therefore, to understand the continuation of life beyond the physic law can be easily described using an analogy of the water cycle. The continuum of life is similar to that of the water cycle which exists in the form of matter; gas, liquid and crystal ice. In fact, logically we would say that water has finished or disappeared once it’s dried under the hot sun or consumed by other living creatures – simply because it has disappeared from our sight.

But that does not mean the water’s ‘life cycle' has ended - it has only completed its purpose for that particular moment. The water continues its 'life cycle' in the form of gas or more accurately referred to as the form of energy no longer present within our eyesight, but it still existing in different configurations until it manifests once again into the physical world as water in liquid form.

River and spiritual life.

Like water circle that has no end, our very own existence continue within the continuum of spherical life.

Similarly, when we live in the physical body we have our very own destiny and purpose in life. But once we have completed our purpose in life, then our life is considered complete as a whole, and death will take place to complete our spiritual journey in the physical world in order for us to continue into the spiritual life. Yet, within the continuum of spherical life we have a choice whether to continue our journey to a higher spirit dimension, or to return to the physical world for another experience, or to finish any unfinished business in the past life.

Thus, death is truly not the end of one’s life - but a transition to a new life which is from the physical body to a formless life, a way of completing a spiritual journey as a whole, perfect and complete. Hence, death is only more pronounced within the physical law as man has to go through death as a perfect way to continue towards their own ultimate destiny - The World of Light that contains eternal life.

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