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Magnifying the spirit world.

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Self Reference: A Key in Search of Explanation on Mystery of Spirit Realm 

18 June 2018  by Augustine Towonsing

It is not easy to understand paranormal phenomena especially spirit existence as we have no reference but learning through discovery. In fact, the differences in ability among paranormal and ghost researchers which are related to one’s intelligence, colour the way how one discovers the truth that lies beyond the paranormal mystery. However, regardless of whatsoever method one chooses to discover the truth, the goals are the same which is to seek the truth beyond the paranormal phenomena. Hence, this article was written by means to shed some light in regards of spirit existence that co-exist within our physical dimension.

In Search of Self Reference
Therefore, in order to understand deeper the existence of the parallel worlds and its citizens we need to find a reference as we cannot use the existence of the spiritual world itself as a reference since we have too little knowledge about it. Furthermore, the evidences from research findings in paranormal and ghost research more or less have given us an opportunity to gain only a little knowledge about the existence of the spiritual world mentioned. However, from that little knowledge that we gain, we have discover the secret that the nearest parallel worlds that become the duplicate of our present dimension actually have similarities. Hence, based on the information that we gain from our research findings we then formulate a theory about spirit existence.

However, sometimes our explanations about the existence of spirits of the dead are ‘blur’ because our explanations tend to only refer to the spirit existence that we have documented as a reference, and at the same times we fail to grasp or unconsciously forget the basic fact about the spirits of the dead, that we believe them to be human too, just like the rest of the living and yet this basic fact tends to be forgotten as we are too engrossed with our discoveries that are related to spirit existence because spirit appearance are based on energy. In fact, we always emphasize that spirits’ intelligence survives death and yet we cannot see the link between their intelligence and how they would like to appear to the living, as a result of our own judgement that forgets that the spirits themselves do retain their intelligence.

Human Intelligence Does Survive Death
Hence, based on our research findings that prove that the human intelligence does survive death therefore the spirits’ intelligence can be detected based on their appearance patterns. What I would like to emphasize here is, the intelligence of spirits that governs their decision on how they choose to appear to the living that inline with the freewill concept, as this statement is based on our perception that spirits are human too. In that way, how spirits appear reflect their intelligence, just as the intelligence of the living can be observed through their behavioural patterns. 

Self Reference on the Living
Therefore, in my understanding that in the process of documenting spirit existence, the best reference is the living, as we have only little knowledge of our duplicate world. In fact, my own observations of thirteen years teaching over 1,000 adolescents on a daily basis, as well as personal observation have enabled me to observe one’s intelligence level through one’s behavioural patterns that are related to one’s decision-making process that further can be seen when one responds to questions, expresses one’s opinion and so on and so forth. Therefore, if we believe that human intelligence does survive death, we would be able to understand the spirits’ intelligence just by understanding human behavioural patterns, rather than to struggle to figure out the intelligence of spirits.

Self Reference on a Mirror
The existence of the spirit world can be explained as to how we look at our own image that is reflected in a mirror. Consider that our own image that is reflected in the mirror is a spirit that can be seen as real yet cannot be touched that may explain the apparitions’ phenomena, while the surrounding that can be seen inside the mirror represents the duplicates of our own dimension.

Using the mirror description again, the image that faces back to the physical dimension is akin to how spirits look back towards their past which they recognize as the physical world that they had to leave. And as spirits they now have equal knowledge on both the existence of the physical world as well as the spiritual world because they have retained their intelligence and at the same time they have become the citizens of the parallel worlds. In other words, they had gain the full sum of their conscious singularity.

Therefore, if we put a large mirror in an open area, we will suddenly realise that our dimension has expanded. However, we are not able to physically enter the extended dimension because we cannot see the presence of the exact border between the physical world and its reflected dimension. Therefore, this explains how the parallel worlds overlap into our dimension. 

Now, let us consider the surface of a mirror as the barrier between the spirit realm and physical worlds as we cannot physically enter the spirit realm. If we ask ourselves to list down all the items that are reflected in the mirror, we will definitely not be able to do because there are things that are hidden such as our own image’s emotions that is truly beyond the touch of our fundamental five physical senses, which if we want to know we need to refer to our own selves first.

Similarly, if we want to understand spirit existence, we must first need to refer our own physical existence in order to understand better the existence of the spirit realm. Hence, the spirit realm is a mirror of our very own dimension. Therefore, to understand the spirit realm we need to see who we are because the existence of the spirit realm is a self reference to our very own realm.

Magnifying the spirit world.

One of the Malaysian Ghost Research evidence that has captured a circle that magnifying the differences between the physical dimension and the spirit world...

Therefore, we won’t be able to fully understand the existence of the spirits of the dead by alone emphasizing the existence of the spirits that we have documented without referring to behavioural patterns of the living. In fact, the living’s behavioural patterns have links to one’s intelligence and this intelligence mentioned continues even after one has shed one’s physical body.

Eliminating negative judgement on spirit existence
Furthermore, by treating the existence of the spirits as humans during field investigations somehow will help us to eliminate negative judgement on spirit existence, such as prejudice. In fact, most often during field investigations we unconsciously treat spirits of the dead as ghosts rather than to set our minds to accept them as ordinary human beings that still bound to human touch. Meanwhile, by showing respect and reverence towards spirits of the dead is not enough if we do not set our mind to accept whatsoever appearance that the ghost chooses to appear to us as equal to the fact that they are still human too.

The ‘Dark Side’ terminology
As I always emphasized, to understand the existence of spirits we cannot only emphasize the existence of the spirits but must not forget our own existence. Therefore, to emphasize this self reference condition I used the term as the ‘Dark Side’. At a glance this term may bring about negativity but, this will only happen to those who do not think wisely. However, if we think positively about the existence of the ‘dark side’ mentioned somehow it will give us the opportunity to balance up the understanding on spirit existence as I always refer the ‘dark side’ as the opposite of the ‘bright side’. Therefore, when we apply this term into the paranormal mystery we will definitely realize that the ‘dark side’ exists that eliminates our understanding on the mystery mentioned. In our own existence, we consider the spiritual world to be the ‘dark side’ of the living existence because we have only little knowledge about it. Meanwhile, our present existence can be considered as the ‘bright side’ because we have great understanding about it. This is simply explained the concept of self reference that spirit realm existence is indeed real that we refer it as mirror of our very own dimension.

Demarcated outer ring, the dark side of real ghost orbs
Furthermore, when I use the same terms to explain the ghost orb existence that has its own ‘dark side’ goes only to emphasize that there are things that shadow our understanding on the existence of real ghost orbs. Therefore, this ‘dark side’ or the shadow further makes it difficult for us to differentiate between real ghost orbs and natural orbs. Hence, in order for us to have great understanding on ghost appearance in the form of an orb, we need to have equal knowledge of both the real ghost orb as well as the natural orb.

In line with this discussion, I would like to share my own understanding and what I have found through deeper analysis on natural orbs. Whether ghost orbs or natural orbs have some similar characteristics which are the shapes of either orb that is spherical, has substance and has contrails that make it difficult for one to differentiate which is a ghost orb and which is not. However, natural orbs that have so many kinds of characteristics such as being transparent, has substance or faces in it but the one characteristic that stands out as the basic signature of a natural orb is none other than its demarcated outer ring which is not present in a real ghost orb.

Self Reference on Intelligence Behind the Contrail’ Appearance
Furthermore, in my understanding based on my research findings that a contrail, short or long that is present at the tail end of an anomaly does not represent the actual characteristic of spirit existence, but rather tells us of the presence of intelligence behind the contrail’s appearance. 

In fact, the contrail phenomenon is more prominent when we use a video recorder to record spirit existence that is set to ‘night shot’ or ‘super night shot’ modes where we will see both spirits and anomalies alike related to the environment producing the same characteristic which are contrails. Therefore, in this case the contrail characteristic cannot be used as reference to differentiate spirit existence and anomalies that are related to the environment. Similarly, the same phenomena also happens for the digital or film cameras. Hence, since spirits and anomalies that are related to the environment produce the same result such as contrails due to camera’s setting, therefore we need to have deeper understanding on the appearance of spirits and anomalies that are related to the environment.

Insect appearance of slow shutter video recording.

Insect does produce contrail behind but its generates a zigzag edges a long the contrail because of the flapping wings actions. 

Neither spirits nor anomalies that are related to the environment are governed by certain forces. Living creatures including spirits of the dead are governed by their intelligences that become the source of their decision-making that govern how they choose to travel, whether at a slow, medium or high speed.

Ghost Supercharged orb.

Similar to insect, ghost energy does produce contrails behind but the difference is; spirit energy is unique without a zigzag appearance along the contrail but the it does discharge some kind of energy.

In line with this discussion, an insect that has its intelligence of how an insect’s action is governed by it intelligence, in that it flies very fast while flapping its wings and shows a few good examples of a supercharged orb in motion governed by its intelligence travelling at a high speed producing contrails. Meanwhile, non-living things such as dust, water droplets and so on are governed by natural forces such as the wind that have similar results such as contrails. Therefore, short contrails tell us that the anomaly has no intelligence as it is governed by natural forces, while long contrails tell us that the anomaly, whether living creatures such as an insects or spirits of the dead, has its own intelligence that governs how it chooses to travel.

Finally, once again I would like to emphasize that great understanding on spirit existence can only be achieved if we equally have great understanding on our own existence. In fact, the greatest tools that we should bring during paranormal and ghost investigations are respect and reverence which are showed towards the spirits of the dead besides totally avoiding prejudice towards the spirit’s appearance, be it only in the form of voices, orbs or whatsoever appearances that the spirits choose to represent themselves in accordance to their freewill and intelligence that governs their actions but yet they are still human.


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This article had been revised on 26th. January, 2011. The previous version of this article also published under The
International Ghost Hunters Society newsletter Issue 435, March 24, 2007.

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