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Spirit energy.

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Mastering the paranormal evaluations and growing spiritually through difficulties in life.

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Every one of us has our own sets of difficulties that we need to settle in our daily life. In fact, sometimes the difficulties that we face may not only make us feel so low that will further generate negative energy, but they will also become an emotional burden. Hence, one way to overcome the difficulties in life is to master them rather than to ignored them.

The way we live
Therefore, we may need to keep check on ourselves and always think in a positive way. In fact, everything happens for a reason that needs our special attention for further decision-making in order for us to grow spiritually. Furthermore, how we apply our logical thinking somehow or rather has an impact on how we look at things even when we are in difficulties.

Hence, if we think positively even in the light of diversity, we not only will make things easy to settle but we will also be able to think more wisely. Perhaps there is indeed something to learn from the difficulties that we stumble upon that most probably brings us to another state of how we should live. If we at the stage of confusion or are in difficulty and we react towards them in a negative way, it will not only make things event worse but rather, it will add even more stress on us. Therefore, it is important for us to be more patient and always think in a positive way because it is only through this way that we can bear our difficulties and find alternatives to overcome them.

Learning from daily live difficulties
Therefore, in our daily life some times we caught our selves in difficulties situation. In fact in my own situation, my laptop hard disk recently broke down resulting in me losing a lot of important data, and a week after my laptop again encountered problems due to an overheating problem that had the laptop sent to a computer shop to be repaired. However, the good thing that emerged from these two events is now, I am able to reutilise my desktop computer after having been abandoned for more than three years. Moreover, another old desktop computer also is back in action after having its defective monitor changed. The key is, we need to be humble going through the difficulties in life in order for us to master this physical life.

Understanding the paranormal nature
Similarly In paranormal research we do encounter difficulties to understand the paranormal itself. Yet, we have to be more aware and not only judge paranormal events with assumptions, but we need to combine our knowledge, be it spiritual or based on logical thinking in order to understand the nature of each paranormal event.

Furthermore, recently someone thought that my video clips of supercharged orbs in motion that I had posted on the net were those of an insect because of a buzzing sound that further make life difficult for someone to understand the paranormal event due to distractions. Yes I am aware that the buzzing sound can lead people to think that the supercharged orbs that appear come from the buzzing sound.

However, we have to be aware that our environment also actively contributes mistaken anomalies such as insects and dust that further leads us in difficulties when comes to evaluating paranormal images. But, we have to remember that spirit existence is in the form of energy whereby when they travel at high speed they will discharge some kind or energy compared to an insect that travels with solid appearance while flapping its wings.

Furthermore, if we compare the insect and spirit appearance that is captured on video camera or film, both have a distinct appearance in which the spirit will discharge energy that makes it expand, become blur before disappearing in the air and one good example as below.

Spirit energy.

Insects comparatively have a solid look and do not discharge any energy other than the blurring due to flapping wings. Therefore, we may put our selves in difficulties even just to understand the nature of an environmental related anomaly if we have fail to master both ghost energy patterns as well the environmental related anomaly evaluation skills. Based on the image below that insect do generate similar appearance with those of paranormal related because it has intelligence and come from the same source which is the universe.

Insect supercharged...

Finally, the most important thing we need when it comes to evaluating paranormal nature is to be open-minded and to try our best to see the nature of the paranormal event in itself as well we need to master every difficulties and every obstacles in our very spiritual path before we could understand the purpose of true life.


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