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The basis to alter the future reality.

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Whether we realise it or not, the future realities that we go through will be occupied with one or more people involved at same events. Furthermore, future realities are related to a specific event that will happen in the future that may take place at the same space in both a different time and situations. Yet, the future reality is truly rely on one thought and action.

Future reality that based on one’s actions and perceptions that involve thinking skills and decision-making.
However, not every one of us has the capacity to think the link between the past, the present and the future. In fact, in education we learn of the past and present, and try to forecast our own country’s future based on situations of the present. A country’s past reality we can learn from is through a tough subject in school such as History. Therefore, when we talk about one’s future reality, we assess the matter mentioned based on one’s actions and perceptions that involve thinking skills and decision-making.

The future reality rely on one thinking and action...

Furthermore, each one of the future reality that we go through in the near future has the link with the past and the present reality based on our actions and perceptions that able to alter the future reality. Therefore, the decision-making process is the most important task that will determine the future reality. In fact, this decision-making process involves our thinking ability. At this point, our intention and focus are very important. However, the problem which may rise is what kind of decision is best to take?

Paranormal research provides new discoveries
In line with this discussion, I would like to share what I have gained through my paranormal research. I do paranormal research not because I want to be famous but rather for the sake of my own soul that yearns for the truth that is related to the spiritual world and related death phenomena and perhaps through this discovery we could understand better the path way that we should choose into the future reality. Therefore, the research findings have given me a lot of new discoveries such as understanding on the existence of the parallel reality. 

We are able to alter the future reality
In fact, the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) course on Phase Displacement Practitioner (PDP) has given me deeper understanding on altering future reality. We must remember that we can change our own future reality so that it may benefit us personally. In fact, if we review our daily routine, there will be at least a good example that may explain the relationship between the present and the future reality. We will be able to find the cause and the starting point that triggered new outcomes in the future reality such as decision making.

The decision-making, the critical point
Therefore, in order to alter the future reality that benefits us most, we have to make decisions in the present time. When we want to make a decision we have to think of the pros and the cons. The decision-making is the critical point whereas the future reality outcomes are based on the decision that we have chosen. The moment we have made up our mind on a certain option that we have chosen, the action follows and the triggered outcomes follow suit in future reality based on the current option. Therefore, IGHS teaches that we must have focus, intention and positive thinking in order to alter the future reality outcomes that would benefit us. 

One destiny is derive from a critical decision making...

However, as the future reality needs focus, intention and positive thinking that only can work when we are in the state of calm, not depressed, and under no pressure as what ever decision that we might take have its own impact towards the alteration of the future reality. But, in this modern life, we seldom have this opportunity to be in the above state and what more in the future reality, whereby we often need to make decisions immediately. Therefore, how could we make a good choice of an action so that we could alter the future reality? Hence, we must return to the basic of our own existence by looking back our own personal spiritual life, our purpose into this physical reality and our ultimate destiny in the future reality.

Message beyond death phenomenon
Therefore, even though decision-making involves thinking skills, we should also learn from the ‘message’ derived from paranormal research findings that may also help us to understand better the future reality. The greatest message as what Dannion Brinkley had said was the life review is where you learn that ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ is not just a philosophy, but a law.” In fact, The Certified Ghost Researcher (CGR) course added “When viewing incidents that occurred during your life, you will not only see what took place, you will not only see and feel it from your side of the experience, you will see and feel it from the other persons as well. You observe your actions and feel the emotion inflicted upon others, good or bad. You will observe your action and be able to observe the chain of events that subsequently took place as a result, great or small.” I think these phrases are enough to explain how we alter the future reality in a positive manner.

The voices of the dead that go through EVP recording device made a clear message...

Finally, when involved in decision-making, we should think of possible decisions that we can choose and their impact on others in future reality. Hence, the most important in decision-making related to the alterations of the future reality is; the ability of one to predict the outcome in future reality on each one of the options that one might choose to responds towards certain issues in life. Therefore, the best future outcome in the future reality that one should choose is an option that does not only benefit us personally, but it will also give benefit to others as well. Therefore, positive altitude, kindness and love towards others are the most basic for altering the future reality that benefits all. Just remember what has Dannion Brinkley has said that future reality rely on our did in this life. If one would like to exist within the future reality in happiness than one must make new revolution on their own way of life as each one of us will go through the 'Life Review' to determine our placement in future reality - The World of Light.

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This article has been revised on 27 December 2014. Meanwhile the previous version of this article was also published under The  International Ghost Hunters Society newsletter Issue 424, January 06, 2007.

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