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The magic touch of love and kindness in ghost hunting.

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

We believe that every life form has a life force that sustains life and in human, it is considered to be the soul or spirit that retains one's intelligence, emotions and personality. Therefore, while we are alive we do not only exist physically but also are merged together with our inner soul that we refer to as emotions. However, in the spirit realm our existence would only be in the form of an electromagnetic field. Through transitions in the death process we continue our existence into higher levels of spiritual life yet, this transition process preserves our personality.

Ghost in humanoid characteristic...

Ghost is merely the Etheric body representing the dead that still attach to the earthly life.

Therefore, based on this belief at the higher level of existence we no longer need our physical body to exist. In fact, as a paranormal and ghost researcher sometimes we may need to ask ourselves since we are the frontier for the public with regard to the existence of life forms that co-exist with our existence, how are we to share with the people around us about the truth beyond the grave and what are the secrets that can help us to exist happily at the higher dimension after this life? Hence, whether we realize it or not there mainly exists in us two different types of mechanisms that build up our personality, which are logical thinking and reasoning, as well as emotional intelligence also known as spiritual intelligence.

The magic touch of love and kindness
Interestingly, most of us have mastered the logical thinking and reasoning skills that more or less have brought about positive outcomes that benefit us, yet we fail to create an environment that is filled with love and kindness to those around us because we may have left out the actual concept of human relationship that is linked to the spiritual side.

Therefore, to conquer one's heart we have to learn how to touch the human inner soul through the development of emotional intelligence or in other words we must have spiritual intelligence that enables us to touch one's inner soul. In my opinion we are spiritually linked to each other through love and kindness. In fact, love and kindness is the only language that each one of us can easily understand regardless of the language barrier. Furthermore, the physical body can only recognize what is known to our five senses whereby most of the time we try our best to fulfill our personal desires without realizing the impact of it to those around us and at the same time we totally ignore personal spiritual developments.

The only language that have no limitation is love and kindness that touches every living energy without limits.

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Furthermore, in paranormal and ghost research I have found that the greatest tools ever that enables us to conquer the willingness of spirits to take part in our investigations is no other than love and kindness that is shown by our respect and great reverence towards them. In fact, the spirit is not around all the time at one place because they are also humans who have to do other things in their own world. Sometimes, I wonder why so many of us pass negative judgment on the presence of ghost by labeling them as demons yet at the same times we perceive demons to exist in the form of human configuration.

Therefore, the argument is if we see demons in the form of human shapes then they are also human too who have their own personality. If we believe in the human life history that mankind has taken the `fruit of knowledge' which is mentioned in the book of Genesis which had enabled man to determine which is good and which is evil, at least that has given us the answer that man has choices in life. Life isn't a destiny but a choice. However, because we are unable to choose the right path in our life therefore our life has become a destiny that we cannot change, whereas in the actual sense we could actually change our future dimension through visualization. Furthermore, I believe that our existence contradicts with personal desires that further cloud our mind and the purity of our inner soul. Remember if we take a deep breath and close our eyes and calm our mind, we will realize the peace in us because of the purity of our inner soul. We are born with love and kindness. Therefore, I believe that love and kindness which is embedded in us will not only be able to conquer one's mind and soul but also malevolent spirits.

Hence, I have realised that even though my over 180 solo investigations were conducted during the full moon, when geomagnetic fields were at their peak or during thunder storm which really had significance on my paranormal investigation but these conditions did not guarantee the success of the investigations. However, I have discovered that the new moon has no significance at all to my paranormal investigations, as proved by very poor Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) captured in our location which is located at the lower latitude between north five to six degrees, during the time mentioned. Moreover, similar results were also shared by the Malaysian Ghost Research team based in Sabah over 3,000 kilometers away from west Malaysia. In fact, the Malaysian Paranormal Research based in Ipoh, Perak also reported the same results.

The ghost appearance in mist...

Ghost is in the form of energy that able to shape their appearance instantly.

Nevertheless, during the most unsuitable time for paranormal investigations, I also still managed to document spirit existence, proving that spirits exist all the time according to their willingness to take part in the investigations provided that we have open minds and are able to remain focussed one hundred percent all the time. In other words, as investigators we have to learn to develop our personal ability to touch the spirit's inner self through love and humility.

Therefore, the most basic tools that bring about success in paranormal investigations are our personal perceptions on ghost existence. In fact, great understanding on human nature is also a key to understand ghost existence. The spiritual world represents our physical existence's reflections that only can be understood if we look back at ourselves.

Ghost ecto ball...

The ghost metaphysic is based on energy in the form of unique electromagnetic field.

In fact, the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) theory regarding spirits existence which exist in multi energy patterns has been proven by our own research findings through video recordings that spirit can be seen through different types of energy patterns. In fact, we have recorded a spirit's ability to change its appearance within a second from ecto clouds to a vortex back to human shadow and finally to a supercharged orb providing proof that spirit exists in the form of energy. 

Finally, we don't need to go far away just to capture the proof of life after life because our physical world has already merged with the spiritual world. Therefore, anywhere and anytime we are able to capture the existence of the parallel world's citizens regardless of how well the overlapping dimensions overlap into our domain and how well our love and kindness may reach the deepest core of the spirit's inner self.

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