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Understanding the multitudes of spirit energy patterns.

27 December 2014   by Augustine Towonsing


It seems that our thinking has been dominated by the traditional view when it comes to view the existence of the spirit that looks human but is transparent. Hence, when we capture the spirit in the form of a ghostly orb, ectoplasm or any kind of energy pattern that is generated by the spirit that does not match the traditional point of view mentioned, we tend to conclude that those anomalies mentioned are not valid  spirits that represent the existence of the spirits of the dead.

Confused by the different kind of the spirit energy patterns. 

In fact, most of us may be confused by the different kind of the spirit energy patterns that are captured on film. Whether there are in the form of orbs, ectoplasms, vortexes or other energy patterns that are generated by the spirit, and even though these energy patterns represent the same spirit, yet we can’t accept them  due to lack of understanding.

Therefore, we must not forget that the spirit does no longer have its physical body that holds their fixed shape but instead exists in the form of energy that cannot be destroyed but may transformed easily into another energy pattern. Hence, we must not limit our thinking to understanding the reality how the spirit exists.

Understanding the spirit energy patterns. 

In fact, in order to realise and understand the existence of the spirit that exists within our domain, we must understand the basic nature of spirit existence. From what I understand, the IGHS teaches us that we can only realise the existence of the spirit if we could understand the energy patterns that are generated by the spirit entities and not be trapped within the orthodox point of view regarding spirit existence.

Because ghost existence based on energy therefore their appearance can be seen in many types of energy patterns...

The most important facts is that, the spirit hold dual citizens which they can exist both in the physical world and in the spiritual realm simply because they have no physical body but exist in the form of energy.

Why we cannot seem to see the existence of the spirit with naked eye.

While most of us may wonder if the spirit does really exist, because we are unable to see them physically it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I would like to point out why we cannot seem to see the existence of the spirit with our naked eye – it is because we are looking at their existence from the fundamental nature point of view that is limited to our five senses, or that we only may accept that logic in our minds. In fact, most of the time, our minds are clouded with our daily life’s problems that have great impact enough to reduce our awareness of our surroundings, or perhaps we tend to view the existence of the spirit as demonic.

Sense the spirit existence, understand and its impact on field investigation.

Therefore, the use of the scientific tools such as camera or video camera can help us to view the existence of what we seem to think does not exist. In fact, without the tools mentioned, we are still able to see the unseen being with our naked eye provided that our concentration is focussed 100%. Why do we put so much importance on positive thinking and visualisation in the field of investigation? It is because both of these help us to concentrate and feel the existence of the spirit.

Furthermore in my own experience, applying the Mind-Body-Soul Concept during field investigations has enabled me not only to see or hear voices/movements but also to feel the existence of the spirit. Its comes to my understanding that the ‘respect for the dead’ that the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) promotes holds the meaning of acceptance and love that creates positive energy that is not only to ease our acceptance towards the spirit’s presence but also to ease our presence towards the acceptance of the spirit.

The answer to understand the spirit existence non other than understanding the concept of Mind, Body and Spirit...

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This positive rapport is important to build some kind of ‘cooperation’. In fact, we do not need to conduct our investigation for hours because it is proven that by showing the respect and reverence towards the spirit, in my case that I only conduct investigations for 15 minutes but I still achieve great success proof that understanding on ghost energy patterns is important and effective in paranormal research.

Furthermore, what the IGHS teaches through their Certified Ghost Researcher home study course not only gives us deeper understanding regarding spirit existence but from what I understand, the IGHS also promotes a caring attitude. Let me point out the link between positive visualization and positive thinking towards creating positive attitude on the part of the living towards the spirits of the dead, which the IGHS promotes.

Do we really understand the existence the spirit of the dead? If we says yes, why do we only look for ghost photos that resemble human beings? We should stop judging the existence of the spirit and try to accept their existence in a positive manner. In fact, before I finished the CGR course I never realised that I was not a caring person towards the spirits of the dead due to lack of understanding of the energy patterns that are related to spirit existence.

Furthermore, when we only want to see ghost photos that look like human beings and put the rest aside, it is simply because we lack of understanding. Therefore, this negative attitude may generate negative energy that prevents our love and acceptance towards spirit existence which in turn has a great impact on the success of our field investigation.


My conclusion is that, when we have fully understood the energy pattern that is related to the existence of spirits, we would therefore have no further doubts in accepting their existence, and the spirits concerned may behave in the same way towards us. We will care, love and respect them so much in whatsoever form that they may exist in, all because of our understanding of these departed souls.

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This article also have been published under the IGHS newsletter: Newsletter, October 21, 2006 with 20,433 readers.

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