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Universal love in one spiritual life progress from the Ghost Research Perspective

18 June 2018  by Augustine Towonsing

While We are still alive within the physical dimension we would be busy dealing with daily lives fulfilling our biological needs. Yet, our life is already almost at the transition gate and at the same time the needs of our spiritual life development is still abandoned. Are we ready to cross over to the spirit world and merge with the source of love the God?

Are we ready to cross over to the spirit world and merge with the source of love the God?

Interestingly, in this physical life sometimes we don’t even bother to consider the feelings of others as long as we get what we want and secure our own things. In fact, we don't bother even to think about offering universal love to others. Just forget about it! as most of us we are only offer our love to others with conditions. Even though we may claim that we love and care for others but actually we are NOT. We quietly judge a person in front of us to whether he or she is fit or not to receive our love. In fact, we always see the person's backgrounds, beliefs, status so on and so fort to be a fixed measurement when we offer helps. Yet, we are forgetting that  he or she is totally nothing different from us as each one of us are ONE in God's mind and share the same source of life - The God's love. In fact, when we die each one of us will return to the source of life and once again merge as ONE in God's mind without exception.

Life that is full with terms and conditions
When I look back at my own spiritual path after fourteen years dabbling in ghost research, I realize that I have been too judgemental towards others. However, after I started to conduct solo ghost research I discovered the truth behind this life that reminds me how we live with a lot of terms and conditions with regards to human relationships. Let’s think for a while - what is love? as every one of us has experienced love especially from our parents, family members, friends and love ones. But, have we ever experienced deeper kinds of love - the actual concept of universal love that brings us inner peace?

The paranormal and ghost research have given me opportunity to realise the true life...

Ghost Research Findings on the Universal Love Concept
My research findings have enabled me to understand the universal love concept that true love should come from the bottom of our inner soul, and we should offer it to others without any terms and conditions where we are not judgemental, but respectful and gentle. When I look at my research findings, I realise that my success comes from the understanding and practice the concept of  universal love in that everyone of us needs love and respect including every single fabric of living energy without exception. Therefore, if we show kindness and respect towards others, in turn others will do the same towards us as love is the only language that goes beyond any imaginable barriers in man's lifetime. The language of the universal love is not just a word but action that one can understand without explanation that touches deep into one inner soul which brings unity, understanding and inner peace.

The International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) teaches the need for respect towards the dead because spirits are human too who are bound with love. We will not be able to show respect if we do not understand the actual concept of love. Why do IGHS members always succeed in documenting the existence of the spirits of the dead? Perhaps because we respect the spirits of dead without terms and conditions, which is ‘respect’ bound with universal love that always creates a positive impact on our relationship with others.

Universal Love that brings new feelings - kindness, mercy, gentleness, understanding, and patience
Let’s us stop thinking for a moment, close our eyes, search deep into our inner soul and check our true love which we should share with others. Try to feel the warmth, peace and harmony that are embedded within our inner soul. Let that energy radiate slowly and flow out to our whole body so that it will bring new feelings - kindness, mercy, gentleness, understanding, and patience. 

The only language that goes beyond the known boundaries  in man's life is universal love...

Throughout my solo ghost research I never have met any demonic spirits although I believe that the demonic spirit do exist in line with the dualism concept. But, sometime I wonder why there are other ghost researchers that only met demonic spirit. I have conducted more than three hundred solo ghost research but have never recorded any demonic activities. In fact, the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) which recorded in the video below from one of my ghost research findings suggest that even spirits of the dead show their respect towards the living. Therefore, I believe the success I have gained in my ghost research has links with the understanding of true love which positively creates warm relationships with others including spirits of the dead as everyone of us are connected through universal love which is originated from God the source of pure love.

Finally, in order to feel a real joy and understanding of the universal love concept which brings about positive attitudes, we have to keep a check on our inner soul in order to shape back our personality to become good Samaritans, a gentle person that offers love without terms and condition. In fact, we need to keep a checking on our inner soul so that we may feel love and kindness without terms and conditions, be able to create joy for others or at least our emotional baggage contains love that creates new feelings. 


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This article has been revised on 18 June 2018. Meanwhile the previous version of this article was also published under The  International Ghost Hunters Society newsletter Issue 424, January 06, 2007.

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