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Unlocking Mystery beyond the Voices of the Dead.

27 December 2014 by Augustine Towonsing


What exactly lies beyond the voices of the dead? Even though paranormal research findings on voices of spirits have revealed scientific evidence of spirit existence yet, we have no idea what lies beyond the voices of the dead because of the limitations of our fundamental nature that is shaped by our five senses.

In fact, through history revealed back in 1920, Thomas Edison who experimented with his early recording inventions had recorded the voices of the dead and found the clues that human personality does survive death. Furthermore, he suggests that it might be strictly logical and scientific to assume that one’s memory may also be retained despite the death process. Nevertheless, voices of the dead is not only proof that human intelligence does survive death but they may also bring about undisclosed messages and mystery that require in depth analysis to unlock the secrets that lie beyond these voices.

The Basic Key to understand.

Therefore, in order for us to understand the secrets that lie beyond the voices of the dead, we first need to understand the living behavioural patterns that stream from the ability of how one reacts to a particular energy force that may have impact on one’s emotional state. In addition, the emotional state that one is going through at the moment will be reflected on their own behavioural patterns towards others that can be determined either through their speeches or behavioural patterns.

The voices of the dead known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) analyst with the use of special audio editor.

Similarly, the voices of the dead that are recorded in the form of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are imbedded with secret messages that need to be analysed in depth in order for us to break through the secrets that lie beyond. Thus, the basic key to understanding the secrets beyond the voices of the dead is based on one’s ability to process information received from the spirits’ voices through logical thinking combined with high level spiritual understanding that not only allows one to define the actual meaning of words that are used by the dead in their speeches but also will be able to feel the feelings of the dead at that very moment.

The analysis methodology

Therefore, vocabulary patterns and lateral meaning analysis is the easiest way to understand the meaning of the messages that lie beyond the dead voices. In addition, the time reference that is used in context and the issue that is being highlighted by the dead is a great reference to determine the clues of the secrets that lie beyond their voices. Therefore, EVP research is important for us to understand better the psychology of the dead who choose to stay on in this physical existence. In other words, the psychology of the spirit is imbedded secretly within their speeches that are recorded as an EVP. 

Furthermore, sometimes we may need to analyse the subconscious mind of the dead to unveil the secrets that lie beyond their voices. In fact, the secrets of the voices of the dead are imbedded beyond the lateral meaning that are used by the dead in their speeches. However, in order for us to understand the subconscious mind of the dead, we may need to reverse the speeches of the dead in order to know their subconscious mind. Understanding the concept of the Reverse Speech technology invented by David John Oates will enable us to unveil the unspoken secrets beyond the voices of the dead. In other words, by using the Reverse Speech Technology we will be attempting to break the code of words used by the dead in their speeches by reading their subconscious mind.

Therefore, understanding the tones of how words are used by spirits in their speech is one way of understanding the spirit’s emotional state, other than analysing word patterns that are used in a phrase by the spirit that may also give us early indication of the spirit’s emotional state. Unfortunately, just a single EVP that is recorded in a paranormal investigation may not be enough for analysis to gain extra information or to make a conclusion on a spirit’s emotional state.

Furthermore, in order for us to analyse and understand the spirits’ emotional state and the secrets that lie beyond their voices, the EVPs must be arranged according to its original recording sequences so that the tones, word patterns and references used by the spirits in their speeches can be analysed. In fact, based on our experience, a spirit’s comment most of the time refers to a current event. However sometimes, the spirit may give us extra information by mentioning an event in the past to give us the knowledge of their culture background. Nevertheless, in some cases the spirit may also mention an event that currently happens at the higher dimension which has not yet happened in our dimension for a certain purpose. Yet, we need to gain a higher level of spiritual understanding in order to break the code of the future event.


Therefore, the voices of the dead which are recorded in the form of EVPs may not only contain secret messages, references of the physiology of the spirit but also can be a reference about people’s culture and lifestyle in the past as well as become a reference to the future dimension as well.

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