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Ghost child apparition.

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Fake full body ghost apparition.

26 December 2014 by Augustine Towonsing

These photos was sent by Ronald Clare, ronald.clare(at) from England says that these photo was taken by his friend using a hand phone camera from a local pub and claimed that there was nothing seen when taking the photo but later an interesting image appeared as what is in the photo.

The figure of a little girl in these photo is very interesting indeed yet unfortunately this 'little girl' in these photo are fake. Here are the facts of this 'apparition' in the photo:

  • Based on the name of the files proves that these photo has been tempted.

  • The original photo was not presented for a scientific analysis.

  • The 'apparition figure' is identical in both photos although its taken from different locations.

  • When zoomed on the figure shows that the surface texture has the differences between the original image and the pasted figure.

Therefore, the conclusion is that these photo are fake. It seems that there are too many people hoping that ghost must be seen in humanoid form yet however the truth is just at the opposite.

Ghost apparition.

Ghost child apparition.

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