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The manikin.

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Fake Genting ghost apparition 23/08/2006 9:36am

26 December 2014 by Augustine Towonsing

This photo was seemed to be an 'apparition' that was photographed in 2 years back. However, the last visit to Genting had enabled the researcher to conduct further investigations that bring about new conclusion. Hence, in the process of cleaning up the explainable photos from our database therefore, this photo has been labelled as explainable photo and put under the fake ghost photo database category.

Genting Highlands.

Ghost apparition...

Ghost apparition.

The Logical Explanations.

October 01st, 2008 by Augustine Towonsing

Further investigation to validate this 'ghost apparition' was done on 17/08/2008 at 7:38pm. Through this further investigation, the research findings revealed that the 'ghost apparition' is natural phenomena. At the back of the background was a lift and a shop back door. Furthermore, the researcher had observed a manikin in front of the shop that has a deep eyes set that explained the nature of this 'ghost apparition' it just happened that in the previous research we don't have enough proof to explain it.

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Lefting utility.



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