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Rain Drizzles Accumulated on Lens Filter.

26 December 2014 by Augustine Towonsing

These orbs are the examples of orbs that are related to rain from the wood area. The difference in  colour, shape and thickness of such orbs depend on their surroundings.

For example, the orb in Photo Number 1 looks multi-coloured due to the water accumulated on the tree branches that might have been contaminated with dust and the sap of the tree before it was captured on film dropping onto the ground.

Meanwhile, Photos Numbers 2,4 and 5 are the accumulating rain drizzles that got stuck on the lens filter. Photos Numbers 4 and 5 suggest that the reflections of the camera's flash light had reflected back to the lens, thus highlighting the water droplets.

However, the last photo is related to moisture. The bright yellow lights within the anomalies is the background light. 

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