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Ghostly insect.

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The basic signature of a flying insect.

26 December 2014 by Augustine Towonsing

These images were taken from a video recording frame that has captured a flying insect in different positions based on the distance of the video camera. Furthermore, the said insect was just passing by and was not attracted to the infrared light that suggests that it may not have detected the presence of the infra red light at all.

Yet, both the insect or spirit energy share one characteristic, especially when both are captured on video that had been set to night shot mode, thus enabling both of them to produce the effect of a long contrail because both have intelligence.

Nevertheless, spirits and insects exist in different  vibrations that influence the way they move. The spirit exists in the form of energy of low density that has high rates of vibrations, whereas the insect exists in the form of high density with low rates of vibrations.

Therefore, insects that have the ability to fly have wings which they flap in order to fly. Hence, a flying insect captured on video that had been set to  night shot mode will seem to have a long contrail with a jagged appearance. However, spirits will be seen as a strike of light form of energy when captured on video that had been set to night shot mode, which will therefore create a similar effect which is a long contrail but without any jagged appearance, as it travels at high speed forming a long contrail that can be seen as a long stick or vortex.

Therefore, based on the above description, the images below had captured a flying insect seen as jagged, due to the action of flapping wings. Moreover, the jagged appearance is the basic signature for an insect that is captured on slow shutter video that becomes the reference when one analyses a paranormal video recording recorded on slow shutter video.

Flying insect...

Flying moth...

Flying moth near the camera...

Far flying insect.

Ghostly insect.

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