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Our Mission

The main aim of The Malaysian Ghost Research  is to share the documentation through research about the existence of life after death. Our mission is to share information and/ or to help change the perception of peoples’ narrow view about this mysterious world, through scientific research methods using a digital camera, video and audio recording.

About Our Research

The Malaysian Ghost Research is the premier paranormal website online in Malaysia and our collection of non-dust ghost orbs, ecto, human shaped apparitional ghost photos, ghost videos and EVPs is the largest collection online. The collection mostly comes from the solo investigations by a  professional paranormal investigator and ghost researcher, and from our professional sub-team investigators based in Beluran, Sabah. The dust orb found on this site is only for comparison purposes.

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Malaysian Ghost Research Talks.

17 March 2015  by Augustine Towonsing

Malaysian Ghost Research' Video for references:         

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Zooming the spirit world.t

The Malaysian Ghost Research's video for Paranormal Talks is a section where one could listen a paranormal issue by topics. This section currently contain 4 video for references.

The videos in this section are intended to provide you with video of paranormal talks on the paranormal issues that will gives us inside about paranormal and spiritual reality.

The link below will transfer you to Malaysian Ghost Research video journal. Therefore, if you wish to return to this page after you watch the video you may click you browser 'Back Button' or you can choose to navigate within the video journal.

Paranormal Talks:

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