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Penang War Museum: What Do Spirits Comment About?

These series of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) which were recorded from over 70 years of the World War 2 (WW2) Penang War Museum in Batu Maung, Penang  back in May 20, 2007, from 11:30 – 1:30 pm show that some of the spirits still remain here. Interestingly, the said museum is not only visited by the living, but also by spirits of the dead, and the EVP recording was done when I was alone. In some cases, there are things that are displayed here that has become ‘a laughing stock’ to some of the spirits who visit here. These spirits may knows actual truths which the living assume to be true.

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Penang War Museum - The World War 2 Museum of Penang.
The World War 2 Museum of Penang.

Furthermore, most of the EVPs were captured inside the ammunition room – which is still occupied, or may be guarded by a few spirits. However, the EVPs suggest that the spirits are aware that the place is nowadays visited by the public. Nevertheless,  the EVP recording from the research findings further clarified that no intense emotions were recorded due to inhumanity, as many thoughts by the living centre on the belief that inhumanity to man has taken place here. The photos below are just some of the main attractions here. You may visit the said museum for a personal experience and further information stated as below.

Penang War Museum - The ammunition room.
The ammunition room.
Penang War Museum - Some of the fortress buildings.
Some of the fortress buildings.
Penang War Museum - the control room of the war museum.
The control room of the war museum.

Penang War Museum Electronic Voice Phenomena

All Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder, and were analysed using a software known as Cool Edit Pro Version 2:

Honey – Bring it to me… – 77.6kb

Spirit 1 : Honey

Spirit 2 : Bring it to me…

Public permit – coming in… – 94kb

Spirit 1 : Public permit…

Spirit 2 : Coming in…

Main floor!  – 64.4kb

Albert! – Hi! Sam…  – 76.6kb

Come – inside…  – 96kb

Come back… – 100kb

Spirit said “nice” followed by laughter…  – 145kb

Pe? – tak kenal! nak datang lagi ke? – 155kb

Spirit 1: Pe? ( What? )

Spirit 2: Tak kenal! nak datang lagi ke? ( Don’t know!, would we come again? )

Kid’s voices – 154kb

Hampir roboh! ( Almost falling apart!} – 87.7kb

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