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Physical Body: Its Seasoning Effect in Spirit Existence

Most of us may think that all spirits can fly or even pass through a closed door and walls but the truth is, this ability is almost impossible for them to do so as they have been conditioned to live in a physical body while living in the physical world, so much so that all along, their movements have been limited by the fundamental nature that is governed by the nature of the five senses.

Therefore, living in the physical body that becomes the ‘outer shell’ of our personality becomes the norm, even to spirits at the higher level of existence. However, when our personality—the inner soul—is released from the outer shell—the experiences, emotions and thoughts remain as unique geomagnetic fields. Unfortunately, the experiences retained from the physical world may give a negative impact on our existence on a higher plane of existence.

Physical body from energy.
Ghost energy that has the ability to draw the ether from the surroundings will give it more substance for the purpose of making an appearance before man.

In addition, due to the fact that the soul has been used to living in a physical body while on Earth, therefore, they still prefer to have a ‘body’. Thus, the soul creates a ‘body’ of energy that people would usually see as a ‘copy’ of the Earthly body of a person.

Hence,  the preference of having a ‘body’ and retaining all human qualities is the effort that spirits continue their lives as normally as possible at the higher plane of existence – without the physical body they had on Earth—by creating a new ‘body’ that is similar to their body in the physical world. Unfortunately, putting back their ‘Earthly body’ at the higher plane of existence will only limit the freedom they had gained through the transition from the physical, into the spirit realm.

Therefore, when the law of human nature puts in ghost hunting that the spirits are human too without a physical body, it brings about new dimension in our understanding of the spirit nature in our domain. Thus, although spirits may have attained the freedom of movement, when they make an effort to put back their ‘body’ into life at the higher plane of existence, then they are only putting back the limitations that were supposedly released during the death process. In that way, they will lose their ability to walk through solid objects. The reason why people see ghosts walking through solid objects is not because they can do so, but because of the dimension setting differences between time and space. This means that the setting in which the observer observes the ghost in the present time overlaps with  the  time and space setting that the ghost has been familiar with in the past. For example, the wall the ghost appears to walk through as seen in the present – may not have at all existed in the past time and space, when the ghost was still human.

Physical body of spirit.
The more ether a ghost draws from the surroundings, the more it intensifies its appearance before man.

Furthermore, to understand this: it is similar to when we are in the state of dreaming that we are truly travelling in the Astral World. Unfortunately, although at this state we are truly in the form of the Astral body yet when we see obstacles such as walls or doors, we just could not pass them because we have been seasoned to live in the physical life. Therefore, this analogy explains that when ghosts make an effort in putting back their human qualities as much as possible, therefore the limitations that they have retained in the physical life make it not possible for them to walk through solid objects.

However, by understanding such limitations, spirits may change their existence from one form to another to suit their needs in movement. Therefore, based on the paranormal investigation experience conducted outdoors by Malaysian Ghost Research, it found that spirits in the physical world followed the law of human nature by following a pathway in the jungle, and not by just simply walking through bushes.

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