Piojuster mystery
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Piojuster Mystery Solved and Parallel Dimension Conversations

These research findings had finally solved the Piojuster mystery when a spirit revealed himself to be Sir Piojuster. In fact, ‘Piojuster’ had not only been recorded by our Malaysian Ghost Research Paranormal Investigators Team based in Sabah, but also recorded in my solo investigation here. Furthermore, it seems that this spirit knows us very well. Interestingly, when the speech is reversed, it reveals that the spirit concerned had only been pretending being to be Sir Piojuster. At the end of this investigation, I had captured a group of people who seemed to have some kind of function in the parallel world, that overlapped for about 15 seconds in the physical world.

Piojuster mystery

EVPs recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder.

Corinne – 18.5kb

Pulang (Go home) – 20.6kb

Sunyi! (Very Quiet) – 9.58kb

Pergi lihat (Please go and check it out) – 15.1kb

Saya tuan Piojuster (I am Sir Piojuster) – 17.9kb

Reverse Speech: Kadti tudut ku (According to my lies) – 17.9kb

Terpulang pada hari ini! (we depend on today…) – 13.3kb

Tiodop poh kanto (Maybe feels sleepy) – 23.3kb

Notipu’ no! (It’s broken already!) – 14kb

You did! – For all the thick one – 26kb

Spirit 1: You did!
Spirit 2: For all the thick ones.

I will do. – 17.9kb

Co – 9.05kb

Nah! – 11kb

I minta the cab (I ask for the cab) – 16.3kb

Haro Kimberley ( Kimberley is around) – 9.23kb

Haro Cikgu Augustine baino (This time Cikgu Augustine is around) – 14.9kb

Tambalut – Kuak tipagon nu – 19.9kb
Spirit 1: Dear friend
Spirit 2: Kuak is your brother in-law?

Onuon ku (May I have it) – 13.6kb

Haro tolu (There are three!) – 13.3kb

Ropug! – Haro bikinan nu? – 24.5kb
Spirit 1: Ropug! (Useless!)
Spirit 2: Haro bikinan nu? (Have you made one?)

Hongo tanak nu? – Minindakog – 18.8kb

Spirit 1: Hongo tanak nu? (Where are your kids?)
Spirit 2: Minindakog! (Went upstairs!)

In the heart – sudah – 21.9kb

Dahulu slip gaji… – Dia tengok! – 30.3kb
Spirit 1: Dahulu, slip gaji… (Last time, the pay slip…)
Spirit 2: Dia tengok (He/She looked at that.)

Osonong nogi’ ii Paus – Just for you. – 19kb
Spirit 1: Osonong nogi’ ii Paus! (Paus is even better!)
Spirit 2: Just for you.

Lima lapan – yodti haro? – 23.8kb
Spirit 1: Lima lapan (five, eight…)
Spirit 2: Yodti haro? (It has like this one?)

Yodti (like this…) – 13.1kb

Kenal cukup no (To recognise is enough) – 27.4kb

Bisnes sendiri’ – How to iron sebelum suhu becomes hot – 46.9kb
Spirit 1: Bisnes sendiri’ (That’s your own business.)
Spirit 2: How to iron sebelum suhu become hot? ( How to iron if the temperature is not hot yet?)

How to be melekat. (How could it be stuck!) – 21.1kb

Terangkan Ader? – Susah! – 23.1kb
Spirit 1: Terangkan Ader? (Can you explain Ader?)
Spirit 2: Susah (It’s difficult)

Come down- 18.5kb

Jangan buat selalu minta – and kalau dia dah mai – 39.7kb
Spirit 1: Jangan buat selalu minta! (Please don’t ask too often!)
Spirit 2: And kalau dia mai… ( And if he/she comes…)

Siapa guna? Siapa guna? – Entah – Sorry! – 58.3kb
Spirit 1: Siapa guna? (Who used it?)
Spirit 2: Siapa guna? (Who used it?)
Spirit 3: Entah (No idea!)
Spirit 4: Sorry!

Jude – 12.6kb

Low! – 15.1kb

Parallel worlds activity – 137kb

Parallel worlds activity 2 – 54kb

Dapo (Hold on please!) – 10.3kb

Dapo (Hold on please!) – 22.2kb

Dau-dau (It has been like that) – 20.8kb


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