The duplicate concept reality.
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Duplicate Concept: Scientific Evidence Through Electronic Voice Phenomena

These Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) research findings had documented spirit voices that tell us about the reality of the “duplicate concept” terminology, which refers to the existence of a duplicate that exists in another dimension. Hence, it is interesting how these research findings tell us the existence of non-living things, such as car and the church bell that prove the theory of the duplicate concept which is indeed real, for it seems that the spirits of the dead are also doing their daily routine as the living do.

The duplicate concept reality.

EVPs were recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder.

Me buli pulang ( May I go home? ) – 21kb

Lupa( Forgot) – 10.6kb

Norumbak iti? – Norumbak – 22.2kb

Spirit 1: Norumbak iti? ( Is this spoiled? )

Spirit 2: Norumbak! (Spoiled! )

Neigbours bantulah ( Helps the neighbours ) – 20.4kb

Ongoi hilo’ atas ( Go to upstairs! ) – 16.3kb

Older (Forward speech ) – 11kb

Orual (Painful – the reverse speech of Older ) – 11kb

Hard – can open? – 26.3kb

Spirit 1: Hard!

Spirit 2: Can open?

Car passing in the paralel world – 16.1kb

Church bell in the parallel world – 26.3kb

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