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The Reflection and The Vibrations of Life From Other Dimensions

These research findings suggest the existence of life reflected from the vibrations of life from other dimensions. Furthermore, these series of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) which were recorded back in February 02, 2007 at 12.00 A.M from a private home had recorded conversations among spirits. Interestingly, the conversations suggest a daily life conversation reflected from the vibrations of life from other dimensions.  Based on the spirits’ conversations, they conversed using a Sabahan local dialect—regarding daily life routines. Therefore, these series of EVPs goes to tell us that life indeed exists beyond the physical dimension.

Our shadow is the evidence of the existence of life beyond our consciousness.

Research Findings: Vibrations of Life From Other Dimension

Cukup(Enough ) – 34.4k

Noubatan no ( has been given treatment ) – 18.3kb

Pisang ( Banana ) – 13.8kb

Someone screaming – Stop it! – 12.9kb

Tonight – 160kb

Possible a father playing with a child – 74.4kb

Two spirits talking to each other – 56.7kb

Spirit 1: Piro maan nu? ( How many do you want? )

Spirit 2: Susa’ ii masuk ( a bit difficult to put in )

Spirit 1: Nuo’ lo’ ( Please take that one )

Spirit 2: Cannot.

Popiano’ – Popiano’, buli tu – 32kb

Spirit 1: Popiano’ ( Turn the volume down )

Spirit 2: Popiano’ buli tu ( Turn the volume down, that’s okay)

Tolong saja ( Helping only! ) – 13.6kb

Ula’ tii ( It is more than enough ) – 9.41kb

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