understanding ghost orb in motion
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Ghost Motion: Ripples of Ghost Orb in Motion

This video had recorded a ghost motion in the form of ghost orb in motion as well as ghost energy, from a ghost research at an abandoned teacher’s quarters in Gurun. In the first scene, you will see a ghost motion in the form of a ghost orb passing by and leaving behind its ripples of motion known as “contrail”. These ripples of motion simply indicate that the motion were in high rates of vibrations, and the vibrations then translated into visual in the form of contrail, whereby the camera shutter was too slow to record the motion. However, one must note that the ripples do not represent ghost personality,  but rather only indicate the characteristics of the source of motion that can be used to identify the anomaly that had generated such ripples.

understanding ghost motion in the form of ghost orb in motion

The second part of the video recording was a scene of a phenomenon related to ghost energy manifestation. Since energy is dynamic, therefore it can transform into multi-configurations in a split second. Hence, the characteristics of being dynamic can manifest into multi-configurations of energy, making ghost energy manifestation become unique whereby natural phenomenon cannot achieve the same characteristics. In this video recording, one will see a ghost energy passing by and at the same time gathering the ether from the surrounding energy, to make it appear visible, before the energy is chased away into the air. Hence, the ghost’s ability to gather energy and to chase away the ether requires intelligence that only living energy is able to do it.

These research findings give us solid evidence of ghost manifestation and how to understand their appearance through understanding the visual captured both on video recording as well as digital photo. Hence, ghost orb in motion is only a reference to refer to ghost manifestation at the moment a ghost appears to be in motion, leaving behind ripples of motion.


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Augustine Towonsing

An Associate International Member of the UK Geographical Association, the Assistant Afternoon Supervisor of Gurun Secondary School (Kedah, Malaysia), a Geography teacher with 28 years of teaching experience and holds a masters degree in Geography, former outdoor education trainer, an education application developer, an environmental researcher, a photographer, a videographer, a book author, a solo paranormal and ghost researcher, as well as the sole founder of Malaysian Ghost Research.

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