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Sacred Consciousness Of The Spirit World

‘Sacred Consciousness of the Spirit World: A Systematic Sacred Order of the Spiritual Universe’ contains  36 official astral journeys and 25 scrying the astral mind that took me a year to complete. I underwent a long spiritual journey comprising 14 years of scientific solo ghost research, just to find out the following truth: Does God really exist? Is there life in the afterlife? But in order to do so, I ran away from the concepts of organised beliefs systems, so that I could freely search for the true meaning of these terms: ‘Spirit’, the ‘Spirit World’ and the ‘Afterlife’ – through scientific ghost research, in order to find myself a Door to the Spirit World. And what was my find? Simply this. Living in Duniawi means there will still be an eternal home, a promised home of eternal rest, true inner peace of Inner Peace, the completeness of knowledge, and true love of True Love—which undoubtedly is the home of the singularity of the soul consciousness, as a whole.

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Published Date: 25 September 2019

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