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Seeing Ghosts From the Spiritual Perspective in Ghost Research

Is seeing ghosts considered bad luck? Have you experienced eye witnessing a ghost? How many of you really would like to experience meeting a ghost eye to eye? It seems to some, seeing a ghost is a cursed event because ghosts are always associated with demons or the evil one. However, it does not mean that experiencing weirdness when we are alone is caused by negative energy.

The very reason that some of us may think that seeing ghosts is a cursed thing is due to the lack of understanding on the ghost phenomenon, and due to religious bias. In fact, many among us do not have any knowledge whatsoever about what is beyond the physic vision, and because of this lack of understanding about ghosts, many of us simply label ghosts to be demons or the evil one that torment us in life. On the other hand, seeing ghosts from the spiritual perspective is reminder to us that life indeed exists beyond the comprehension of our physical mind. It is just like realising the presence of impending death beneath the thriving green grass, but beyond this death lies life.

Yet, many of us simply accept the information that is only logical to our five fundamental physical senses and dismiss the rest as beyond the comprehension of the bubble of our physical mind. This is because the ability to see ghosts or not is not a big deal to most of us, since such ability can be learned through experience, focus and interest—to those interested.

First of all, each one of us is gifted in many ways. Yet, we are exceptionally gifted only in a particular field in our life, and this ‘gift’ may only become more prominent when we have the intention and focus on particular field of interest. Furthermore, it truly relies on one’s understanding of the concept of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect. In other words, life isn’t a destiny but truly a choice—whatever we do, the action will alter the forthcoming reality and manifest immediately in the present reality, that first will happen at the higher spiritual dimension.

Hence, whatever choices that we make in the present will become the cause, and the future result will be the effect, based on the choices that we had made. In fact, the time concept is another constraint that limits the progress of our spiritual journey back to the world of light as many of us have been seasoned with the time frame concept that actually never has existed, as every matter has existed within the eternal now—The Mind of The First Cause that holds every fabric of matters.

seeing ghosts from spiritual perspective
Keep an open mind all the time during a paranormal investigation…

However, if one would really like to have a first-hand experience in meeting ghosts—the supernatural living energy that co-exists within our domain. Then perhaps, we need to have the courage to conduct paranormal and ghost research solo, have an open mind all the time during such research, and always respect the spirit’s privacy, so that one would know that seeing ghosts indeed will be a great blessing.

Nonetheless, whatever we do must go with the strength of inner peace, faith, love and hope that brings us nearer towards the balance of spiritual life and sharing without limitation that truly is in line with the Universal Love—The Unconditional Love.

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