love and care
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Love: The Greatest Bond Regardless of Time and Space

Love and care is the greatest bond that connects people regardless of time and space. The research findings show two of the EVPs have captured 2 spirits arguing with each other, most probably about their feelings to someone based on the second Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) from the top. Furthermore, money seems still significant in Spirit World.

love and care
Love and care is the greatest bond that bond human kind regardless of gender and race.

Awasi’ ( Very well ) – 6.96kb

Ai Yin saya sayang kamu… ( Ai Yin! I love you ) – 72.1kb

Spirit 1 :Ai yin, saya sayang kamu.. ( Ai yin, I love you )

Spirit 2 : …. (Unfortunately, we were unable to detect what the other spirit was saying).

Kau potong… – Dia’ no – 24.6kb

Spirit 1 : Kau potong… ( You cut off my way…)

Spirit 2 : Dia’ no! ( Its Yours!)

Dia’ tau’ lah  ( That’s your business!) – 6.96kb

Ingga tusin ( No more money! ) – 21kb

Nai’ tusin ( The money is finished ) -7.67kb

This one! – 7.67kb

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