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Spirit Consciousness: Spirit Aware Who and What We Were Doing

These Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) of spirit consciousness seen in the research finding of The Malaysian Ghost Research Paranormal Investigators Team based in Sabah over 1000 Kilometres away from where I stay, proved that spirit of the dead are aware of what I was doing and seemed to know me. However, the prior knowledge that they have about me is somehow not true, that informs us that the dead retain their intelligence and nothing much changes in their personality, except that they have no physical body.

According to the spirit, they assumed that I had joined the London Group whereas I had joined the International Ghost Hunters Society based in the USA. Therefore, this proves that spirit have a little knowledge to certain truths,  and their knowledge indeed seems limited, that goes to suggests that rumours also go beyond the boundary of the physical world. In other words, spirit consciousness indeed survived the death process.

The EVPs also revealed the spirit consciousness that was aware of the time because a spirit had mentioned the time to be 10.15 p.m., and was aware of the exact purpose of the research being carried out by the ghost researchers, as one of the spirits mentioned that they needed to wait as the researchers needed poof.

spirit consciousness

The EVPs were recorded on a Panasonic voice recorder using a high-density external microphone.

Agustine-kenal – 16.7kb

Spirit 1: Agustine?

Spirit 2: Kenal! ( I know him! )

Lembik! tolong ambi’ – ngoyon lo’ ka – besok – 46.4kb

Spirit 1: Lembik! tolong ambi’ (Really slow! Please take it.)

Spirit 2: Nyogon lo’ ka (She said please take it.)

Spirit 3: Besok! (Tomorrow!)

Nai’ nodi linutau (Did the rice wine finish?) – 10.7kb

Tou.. (Don’t know..) – 7.67kb

hilod di… – di Kem – sini tadi’ – 18.5kb

Spirit 1: Hilod di… (At the…)

Spirit 2: Di kem ( at the Camp )

Spirit 3: Sini tadi’ ( It was here just now!)

Itu ada (There still is.) – 5kb

Cikgu Augustine opud – Group London – Yakah? – 40.8kb

Spirit 1: Cikgu Augustine opud! ( Cikgu Augustine is very hard working!)

Spirit 2: Group London ( He’s joined the London Group)

Spirit 3: Yakah? ( Really?)

Bising ( Noisy ) – 12.1kb

Langgaro – Jom balik – 8.39kb

Spirit 1: Langgaro! ( Hits it! )

Spirit 2: Jom balik (Lets go back!)

Ten fifthteen  – 6.25kb

Muli’ no (It’s time to go home!) – 6.78kb

Nanti balik (Wait! Afterwards we’ll  go back) – 13.9kb

Cannot they want the proof! – 14.8kb

Balik ( Let’s go back )  – 6.78kb

Po! nombo katan nu? ( Po! Where are you staying?) – 15.3kb

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