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Japanese Language: Mysterious EVP of Spirit Speak in Unknown Language

These Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) had captured a series of statements that tell us that spirits may recognise us. Furthermore, in this investigation the Malaysian Ghost Research team had recorded a spirit either calling another person’s name or talking to someone in the Japanese language. The EVPs were recorded on a Panasonic voice recorder using a high-density external microphone.

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Jerome (One of the investigator’s name being called by a spirit) – 18.9kb

Syok – ssh! – nah mama – 48.5kb

  • Spirit 1: Syok! (Very interesting!)
  • Spirit 2: Sssh!
  • Spirit 1: Nah Mama! (You may have this mama!

Double sure bokuti’ (Please make doubly  sure of the proof) – 28kb

Situ maksud hilo ingga’ no (That means at that side, there is none.) – 29.8kb

Hari sabtu domontol – masi poti kiguna’ – 45.1kb

  • Spirit 1: Hari Sabtu dumontol ( This coming Saturday…)
  • Spirit 2: Masi poti kiguna’ (This still can be used).

Fikiat Fujuwara – 21.2kb (uttered in Japanese)

Fak Fak Fak Fak Fakubu – 23.5kb (uttered in Japanese)

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