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If Spirits Really Do Exist, Why We Can’t See Them?

Basically, most of us view our entire existence in the physical world based on logical thinking, through our familiar five fundamental senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch that limit our understanding of the Spirit World. According to David Bohm, the famous Quantum Physicist, life and intelligence exist not only in physical matter, but also within the very fabric of the entire universe as a whole—which is the inner core of human consciousness. Such consciousness consists of pure energy that holds our thoughts, feelings and experiences as a unique geomagnetic field originating from the universe itself—the source of life. Therefore, beyond our biological vision lies the unthinkable consciousness—the sixth sense, the existence of the True Self that centres within the consciousness of the Spirit World, which is the truth that unifies the Spiritual—the conscious mind singularity of the Spirit World.

spirit appearance
Scientific spirit research reveals that spirits are in the form of energy—as a unique electromagnetic field. ©2019 IMAGE BY AUGUSTINE TOWONSING

Similarly, many have asked, if ghosts really do exist and technology such as a digital camera, a video camera etc. could ‘see’ ghosts, then why can’t I see them? If they really do exist and the cameras are able to capture them on film, then isn’t it also logical that I should be able to see them? These questions are the most common, being asked by many. Indeed, no one has seen ‘ghosts’—simply because the ‘ghost’ term never did exist in the Spirit World. Based on Malaysian Ghost Research through their advance spiritual research, the term ‘ghost’ does not exist because this term itself is a spiritual connotation of the fear of the unknown among the living, or in short, ‘ghost’ means ‘fear’. But spirits do exist!

Furthermore, our fundamental perceptions have an impact on how we perceive the existence of spirits. In fact, most of the time, our minds are clouded with our daily life problems that have great impact enough to reduce our awareness of our surroundings. Moreover, unstable emotions or perhaps our tendency to view the existence of spirits as demonic has not only brought about fears of darkness, but also has brought fears among us about spirit existence. Therefore, the use of scientific tools such as the camera or video camera can help us view the existence of spirits­ we seem to think do not exist, because the said tools have no emotion that can be affected by emotional burden the way humans are.

spirit form
Spirits do not only appear in human form, but also can appear in other forms because they no longer have a fixed shape. ©2019 IMAGE BY AUGUSTINE TOWONSING

Perhaps, the very reason preventing us from witnessing the evidence of the afterlife existence is because of the self-denial of the truth of life, which prevents us from reaching the singularity of knowledge unification.

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