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Spirits Culture: The afterlife the mirror of the Living Life Extension

These series of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) displaying the spirits culture were captured during my research within our home back in September 28, 2007 at 12.08 a.m. The EVPs had mentioned a type of fragrance rice, while the last two EVPs showed how kind one of the spirit was, in having the courtesy to invite someone in the parallel world to have a drink. In fact, the EVPs suggests that the spirit who had invited  someone for a drink sounded like an old man who still followed the culture of the older generation, in that a guest will be invited to have a cup of coffee. Therefore this spirits culture in the afterlife indeed the mirror of the living life extension.

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evp of visiting spirits whom still bound with their culture and tradition - spirits culture

The last EVP suggested that a female spirit was showing courtesy  by asking  the old man politely to let her pass in front of him. Therefore, these particular EVPs  have given us a chance to realise that culture does survive the death process. However, I believe that these EVPs do not come from earth bound spirits, but on the contrary belong to spirits who have already crossed over to the spirit world that are still bound to culture while alive in the physical world. They called out my wife’s name to show that they were aware of the presence of the living. Hence, these series of EVPs not only prove that life exists in the afterlife, but also prove that one’s consciousness does survive the death process.

Research Findings: Spirits Culture in the Afterlife

The Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were  recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder.

Di talun-alun – mana? – ?? (On the road – Where? – ?? ) – 40.8kb

Corinne… ( A male spirit calling out my wife’s name ) – 49.4 kb

Paling wangi?( The most fragrant ) – 27.3 kb

Baras nunu! (What type of rice?)  – 29.8 kb

Corinne…( A female spirit calling out my wife’s name )  – 24.5 kb

Monginum poh – monginum-nginum poh...(Have a drink… take some drinks first.) -124 kb

Mohon maaf – talib no (Excuse me – You may pass…)  – 46.1 kb

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