brown sugar the sign of living
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Spirits Living In The Spirit World Is a Sign Of Life Afterlife

Living is a sign of life. Therefore, these research findings prove that spirits who continue their life in the spirit world is not just mere lip service, but rather a truth. In our daily life, the living aspect is indeed a very important aspect that shows the quality of life at the moment. Hence,  these Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) that were recorded three days before Christmas in our home back in December 2006 – suggest that spirits do continue their living in the spirit world. Perhaps, this investigation proves that life indeed exists beyond this physical dimension that continues in the afterlife. The EVPs are actually a series of conversations between two spirits that were talking while they were making a cake by using brown sugar.

brown sugar the sign of living
Brown sugar is essential in certain daily food of  ours. Yet the same sugar is also used in the spirit living in the afterlife – to show that life continues even after we shed off our physical body.


The Research Findings: Living in the Spirit World

Stop it – Sugar – Top up – 69.4kb

Male spirit : Stop it … Pause

Female Spirit : Sugar

Male Spirit: Top Up

Brown Sugar – 64.2kb

Too much… – 24kb

Work again – 24kb

cooked – 23.6kb

Cooked… cook again! – 36kb

Guava – 12.9kb

Opening door – Going – 19.2kb

Empat saja ( Four only ) – 24.7kb

Cook again – 12kb

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