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Talking With the Dead in an Abandoned House

These Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were captured during the filming of a TV show “The Paranormal Zone” for the episode “The mystery of a haunted house”. Furthermore, the EVPs were arranged according to its original sequence – captured on a digital voice recorder.

The abandoned bungalow at Tanjung Jaga, Singkir of Kedah.
The abandoned bungalow at Tanjung Jaga, Singkir in Kedah.

Interestingly, the EVPs suggest that a few spirits were present during the investigation. While I was explaining the function of one of the ghost research equipment – the P-SB7, a spirit commented that the device allows communication with spirits. At the beginning of live conversation between the researcher and the spirits, there was a spirit mentioning that he was alone inside. Yet, the spirit could recognise me very well.

Later on, during further conversation between the researcher and the spirits, there were unknown EVPs that sounded Japanese. There was also a spirit who commented about the ‘ladies going off’ – referring to the ladies in the TV show team really leaving the place. Similarly, when I asked how many people were in the house, the spirit also could answer the exact total of people who came.

A ghost research at Tanjung Jaga with the Paranormal Zone.
A ghost research at Tanjung Jaga with the Paranormal Zone party.

Therefore, these research findings suggest that when we are putting effort to show respect and reverence towards spirits, they will equally respond accordingly. At the same time, the research findings also proved that spirits can be present during a ghost research – but are not necessarily  seen.

So dapat talk to them (So that can talk to them) – 14kb

Boleh cakap (Able to talk)9kb

Hopefully – 6kb

Just me inside, Augustine – 12kb

Tenagers – 5kb

Unknown EVP but sounded like Japanese – 42kb

Unknown EVP but sounded like Japanese. – 14kb

Ladies off… – 10kb

Arthur kau boleh (Arthur you can…) – 8kb

Hello anyone here? Apa? – 48.5kb

Researcher: Hello, anyone here?

Spirit : Apa (What?)

We can’t hear you, can you repeat? You come Recca, same for you – 62kb

Researcher: We can’t hear you, can you repeat?

Spirit 1: You come Recca…

Spirit 2: Same for you…

How many people here? Sembilan, sepuluh – 39kb

Researcher: How many people here?

Spirit 1: Sembilan (Nine)

Spirit 2: Sepuluh (Ten)

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