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Terminology of Ghost and Demon Exist Beyond The Physical World

These series of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) are some of the ghost voices recorded in the No Man’s Land below that seems to be much involved in the investigation that give insight on demon and ghost terminology. Furthermore, fear of demon seems still significant in the afterlife that the terminology of demon goes beyond the physical world. In fact, the conversation by spirits had covered many topics such as demons, ghosts, sickness, equipment as well as about a dog that had been following the team of ghost researchers, besides comments by the spirits on the researchers.

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Demon and ghost terminology exist in the afterlife.

Therefore, this is to suggest that even in the spirit world, terminology such as demons and ghosts continue to be used – that might refer to other living energy. Perhaps, the terms by those spirits may refer to something not good, based on their personal opinion.

Balik sana (Go back there) – 13.3kb

Spirit giggling – 21.4kb

Ini petang (This evening) – 7.67kb

Keep going – 33kb

Nokokol koh gia ri (You have laughed – 9.28kb

Someone clearing the throat – 9.28kb

On my Gen Two – Kau mengerti juga itu – 23kb

Spirit 1: On my Gen Two – (Gen Two is one of the Proton Car models)

Invistigator: Kau mengerti juga itu – You can understand that too.

Poingigit ku ii ( I’m holding it) -10.8kb

Rogon (Demon) – 8.21kb

SundayForward speech – 14.4kb

What? Reverse speech – 14.4kb

Walking – 10.5kb

bad err – 13.7kb

I’m bringing that,you know – 14.6kb

Itu hantu (That is a ghost)Forward speech – 8.21kb

Au kobulun (Scary)Reverse speech – 8.21kb

Nokuro? (Why?) – 5.35kb

Om sumakit koh – au – hmm – 32.3kb

Spirit 1: Om sumakit koh? (Then, are you sick?)

Spirit 2: Au (No)

Spirit 3: hmm

Paham pusing ke kanan? – 10kb

Spirit 1: Paham pusing? (Can you understand “to turn”?)

Question the answer – 9.46kb

Sabtu ini (On Saturday) – 8.21kb

Toruol nu (Your sickness) – 5.35kb

Wah! jinak – 13.3kb

What Justin? – 10.8kb

Baru ilo – Laugh – 7.50kb

Spirit 1: Baru ilo (That’s new)

Spirit 2: Laugh

Hai Jonny ( A spirit greeting one of the investigators) – 7.67kb

Honggo dia’ (Which one is yours?) – 7.67kb

Nu alat penting? ( What is the most important tool?) – 10.1kb

Parallel dog barking – 13.9kb

Takon tanak dau-Siapa itu-Hongo-Cantik kan-Si Paus-Si Paus – 58.7kb

Spirit 1: Takon tanak dau ( Give to his/her daughter/son)

Spirit 2: Siapa itu? (Who is that?)

Spirit 3: Honggo? (Where?)

Spirit 4: Cantikkan? ( Handsome, isn’t he?)

Spirit 5: Si Paus (“Paus” – the nickname of the lead investigator)

Spirit 1: Si paus (The spirit confirmed that the person was Paus).

Bilang kamu hah-Sorry – 30kb

Investigator: Bilang kamu, hah ( You said, Hah)

Spirit 1: Sorry

Ha’-labus – 8.57kb

Spirit 1:Ha’ (What?)

Spirit 2:Labus (Go out)

Lai Khim-Maman (The spirits talk at the same time)– 3.92kb

Spirit 1:Lai Khim (Most probably the spirit was talking about a place called “Lai Khim”)

Spirit 2:Maman (Uncle)

Otopot iri – (That’s true) – 8.92kb

Piro tulan-wulan sorou – 12.1kb

Spirit 1: Piro tulan? (How many months?)

Spirit 2: Wulan Sorou ( A month probably)

You marah – (You are angry) – 15.7kb

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