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The Strength Of One’s Spiritual Life

Each one of us has our very own spiritual life path. Whereby, at certain stretches of our spiritual journey, we will meet others for the purpose of sharing and exchanging compliments, in order to motivate us in our personal spiritual progress. Yet, at the same time in our personal spiritual journey back to the World of Light—our ultimate destiny—we all are progressing individually. Nevertheless, although we may seem to always be together in this physical dimension, yet the ultimate decisions in life truly belong to one. Unfortunately, it is not all the time we can make wise decisions. In fact, we often end up in misery instead!

The journey may be far, but worth going, as there are still many remaining things that are worth learning from - even if we were to go alone.
The journey may be far, but worth going, as there are still many remaining things that are worth learning from—even if we were to go alone.

Difficulty in Life Is Our Spiritual Strength

Nonetheless, true life is indeed a challenge. Hence, we must go through every difficulty in life and learn from it, so that our spiritual strength would then be purified, for everything has its own purpose. In fact, the world around us not only consists of happiness, but also pain, injustice and unfortunate events. This is due to we allowing others to rule our life that further causes us to blame others for what that had happened within our life. However, the truth is, we are truly responsible for our very own action as we are indeed the co-creator of our own desire. We create everything from our very own thinking, but share the same source of the Universal Mind which is the source of life. Yet, it is up to us how to utilise this source in order to make things happen.

Therefore, to understand what life is, we need to really ask ourselves who we are, and what our ultimate destiny in life is, to make ourselves once again reconnected with the source of life through meditation—the universal prayer that enables us to connect with our subconscious mind as well the Universal Mind, the source of life. Hence, by understanding the purpose of our own existence and utilising the  Universal Mind, the only solution enabling us to choose the right decisions in life is through central codes of the mind that become  a doorway to access  the Subconscious Mind and utilising the Super Conscious Mind that had originated from the Universal Mind itself.

Things That Are Beyond The Reach Of Our Physical Senses 

Furthermore, somewhere at the higher dimension, there are many things that are beyond the reach of our fundamental five physical senses. Matters that really exist in a single element, beyond the touch of the physical law and beyond the explanation of reasoning not only enable us to utilise them to makes things happen, but also can make a difference too. One’s life is determined by one’s very own will. Yet, the choice is truly one’s right that is in line with the free will concept.

The truth is, we are responsible for every action we do in our daily life. In fact, as a co-creator of our own desire, we create everything through our mind. So that things happen exactly according to what we have in mind. Therefore, we need to be always aware of what we desire. This is because, the moment we think of something, we are already attracting a new event right away.

Making a Difference

Furthermore, each one of us who is progressing according to our own spiritual needs, makes a difference regardless of whatever path that we choose in life—and contributes something for society based on our very own way. Nevertheless, at the same time we need to appreciate the contribution of others in society—regardless of their contribution value, as long as it makes sense and makes a difference.

In fact, in every moment, all of us are trying our best to make our surrounding a better home. At every moment we make a difference. Hence, we share our expertise for the success not only for our spiritual progress, but for our organisation, as well our society that we belong to. Furthermore, in a certain condition at a particular moment, we have to sacrifice our own belongings. Just remember that whatever we do, we lose nothing. Rather, we gain new horizons and realisations as life is a kind of sharing, a kind of service.

Life is a service even in giving up life itself.
Life is a service even in giving up life itself.

We continue to contribute for the best and share whatever success and expertise that we have—with others. This is because the truth is that the life—is a service. We need to give service to others before we can give service to ourselves. The more we give our service to others, the more we gain new horizons in our spiritual life, the more we realise the truth of life. Never think that whenever we give any kind of information or service to others, we have lost our own benefits. As for the truth is, the blessing will return to us multifold.


Whatever path that we choose makes each one of us different from others. Yet, we all are still ONE in God’s Mind. Therefore, it is impossible to completely separate ourselves from the oneness of the universe (Kaku, 2006) . Just remember that we are ONE in God’s Mind but each one of us is different from each other. The path in our very own spiritual journey in life is what that makes a difference. Just follow the path, it is truly yours and we shall meet at the end of the journey.


Kaku, M. (2006). Parallel Worlds: The Science Of Alternative Universes And Our Future In The Cosmos. London: Penguin Books Ltd.

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