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Spirit Kingdom: An Ancient Kingdom Revealed Through a Classic Song

These are the research findings of Titi Hayun’s ancient spirit kingdom electronic voice phenomena (EVPs)  from the paranormal and ghost research video recording in Titi Hayun back in May 30, 2009 at 12.13 a.m. These series of EVPs were the first batch of electronic voice phenomena that I had recorded especially in this area. Furthermore, the said audio then extracted for analysis purposes had revealed two very important messages which are. Firstly, a new spirit was eager to know me, and secondly, the EVPs revealed that this area not only had a portal, but also revealed about the existence of the spirit kingdom at the higher level of parallel dimensions—based on a ceremony in the form of a classic song that was sung along with  classic musical instruments.

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ghost appearance at the spot of spirit kingdom
One of the spirit appearance from the footage that contained EVP.
the spirit kingdom
In the daytime, this spot is just an ordinary place – but at night, it has its very own story to tell.

Research Findings: The Existence of Spirit Kingdom

The Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were recorded on a video recording.

Mana dia? cikgu augustine situ… – 61kb

  • Male spirit: Mana dia ( Where is he ? )
  • Female spirit: Cikgu Augustine situ. ( Cikgu (Teacher) Augustine is there )

Cikgu augustine di mana? – Di sini!  – 37.8kb

Spirit 1: Cikgu Augustine di mana? ( Where is Cikgu Augustine?)
Spirit 2: Di sini! ( Here! )

Minta ampun menjunjung tuanku ( Excuse us, my lord ) – 37.5kb

Reverse speech:

Setakat ini permintaan kita ( That’s all our petitions) – 37.5kb

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