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Bodiless Legs and a Transparent Body Captured During Chinese Lantern Festival

This mysterious transparent body and the bodiless legs photo was taken on 18th September, 2005 with the Canon EOS888 on Kodak ISO200, and with a tripod. I do believe that at least four mysterious events were captured through this photo. Meanwhile the rest of the photos are zoomed photos that related to a paranormal event, such as dimensional shift. This photo was taken during the full moon in conjunction with the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Bodiless legs - Chinese Lantern Festival in 2005.
Chinese Lantern Festival in 2005.
Bodiless legs - A negative photo of the above photo as prove that the photo above is not manipulated in anyway as some of the skeptics claimed.
A negative photo of the above photo as prove that the photo above is not manipulated in anyway as some of the skeptics claimed.

Zoomed Photo below shows bodiless legs. It is noticeable that these bodiless legs do not cast shadows and furthermore, the legs are not fully formed. Perhaps, these bodiless legs belong to the spirits that overlap into our realm.

Bodiless legs - Mysterious transparent legs.
Mysterious transparent legs.

Meanwhile, zoomed Photo Number 3 shows at least 2 paranormal events. First, the presence of a white layer which is most probably the colour of the clothing worn by the  spirits of bodiless legs, or the phases of ecto energy forming into human configuration or the reverse. And also, it is noticeable that the body of the girl in black T-shirt becomes transparent suggesting that  dimensional shifting has occurred resulting in the physical background being able to be seen  through her body and yet the boy’s body beside her cannot be seen. This phenomenon suggests that perhaps this dimensional overlapping has happened not behind the couple but rather overlaps in front of them.

Bodiless legs - Mysterious transparent layer.
Mysterious transparent layer.

Zoomed Photo Number 4 shows an overlapping of legs. It is clear that there are only 2 persons standing at this particular spot, yet there is the strange presence of another leg in between the legs mentioned, and it is most probable that the solo leg also belongs to the spirit. Had those two people been in the process of moving, then the extra ‘leg’ could be explained as part of the double image or blurring that shows movement in photos. However, this was not the case and moreover,  close examination suggests that the extra ‘leg’ somehow seemed to be standing  in a different position from the other two pairs of human legs.

Bodiless legs
The merging legs.

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