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TV Show: My Friends From the Other Side

This is the TV Show ‘My friends from the other side’ of Paranormal Zone hosted by Li Kim, where my actual ghost research was featured back in 2012 into this TV show in Season 1 that was aired on the NTV7 local TV channel. The first location was Titi Hayun, a famous recreational spot, where I had a good relationship with spirits in this particular place since 2007. In fact, I had recorded more than a dozen empirical evidence of spirits existence from this site which I believe to be an elf community residing here—that have become my spirit friends.

the spirit kingdom

The second place that I had brought Li Kim during the ghost research was an abandoned cemetery which was my favourite site for solo ghost research in Sungai Petani. Having been into this cemetery for my solo ghost research for the past 6 years (up to 2007), I have a kind of relationship with my spirits friends here. Indeed, I have documented dozens of empirical evidences on the spirits’ natural existence that is far from one’s imagination. Therefore, I always believe that respect and reverence towards the dead do not only apply to the dead, but also to the living as a key to create a harmonious and respectable relationship—through unconditional love.

Most of 'my friends from the other side' is also come from this site where I met them during solo ghost research.
Most of ‘my friends from the other side’  also come from this site – where I met them during my solo ghost research.

In fact, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable time with Li Kim and the crew staff who followed me during the investigation—especially when some unintentional jokes burst in the air. This show also displayed how I actually conducted my solo ghost research, and how I respected my spirit friends. I would like to extend my gratitude and special thanks to all crew of Paranormal Zone—and especially to Li Kim for this show. I finally could share this show to friends and Malaysian Ghost Research visitors—live.

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