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Haunted House: The Abandoned House of Tanjung Jaga, Kedah

This TV Show ‘The Haunted House’ of the Paranormal Zone hosted by Li Kim was where my actual ghost research was featured back in 2012 into it, and aired on the NTV7 local TV channel. In this particular ghost research, I had brought the team to conduct a research in an abandoned house at Tanjung Jaga, Singkir.

Behind the scene - During the filming of the Haunted House episode at Tanjung Jaga, Kedah.
Behind the scenes – During the filming of the Haunted House episode at Tanjung Jaga, Kedah.

The investigation took place from evening till midnight. Unfortunately, many remaining evidences that were recorded in my camera were not included in this TV show in the form of Class A (very distinct) electronic voice phenomena (EVPs). There spirit were there to participate during the live ghost research. In fact, prior to this actual filming, I had recorded multiple Class A EVPs.

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