insect motion
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Understanding a Non-Ghost Supercharged Orb Generated by Insect Motion

The visual of an insect motion can be transformed into a peculiar visual light strike on film known as a non-ghost supercharged orb that has a long contrail similar to that of a ghost supercharged orb if a camera were to be set to a slow shutter. Hence, the long contrail of the insect motion is most of the time caused by the artificial artifact of the camera shutter. A video camera or digital camera will produce a visual light strike from the insect motion—seen as if it was a long contrail generated by a spirit.

Therefore, the image below is a great example of the visual of an insect motion captured on video, that can be mistaken as a supercharged orb, but it is not. The image shows an insect intelligence able to fly very fast while flapping its wings, resulting in a similar effect of image generated by spirit motion. However, it is noticeable that this non-ghost supercharged orb had a zigzagged appearance due to the motion of flapping wings of an insect flying very fast, and at the same time the video was set to a ‘Super night shot’ mode. This condition will produce the non ghost supercharged orb such as one below.

Furthermore, the non-ghost supercharged orb had it zigzagged visual appearance that became its signature for one to use as a reference to identify if one had captured a valid ghost energy, or explainable phenomenon.

insect motion

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