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Ghost Research: Unveiling The Myth of Ghost Existence


Ghost existence has been a hot topic in people’s daily life and the term  was first known in 1606 according to Merriam-Webster. The ghost term means soul, spirit and demon—The seat of life or intelligence. But, why are we scared of ghosts? What is behind the myth of ghost existence that causes so much fear in us? The truth about ghosts is not what that is being depicted from a ghost story or ghost movie that you read or watch, but what is being discovered through the science of ghost research. Gaining true knowledge of the spirit world needs our own psychological strength that further helps us to eliminate our fears that interfere with our investigations especially if we conduct ghost research solo. In fact, being scared and letting our imagination run wild that ghosts are evil and scary eventually will only lead us to fail to document the truth about the existence of ghosts.

Furthermore, I share what I have gained from my solo ghost research. In fact, the basic knowledge that I had learnt through formal education on ghost hunting I had received from courses by the International Ghost Hunters Society—has given me strong foundation to believe that ghosts are human too without physical body from the scientific perspective. Yet, there are things that we will personally learn along the way in our own ghost research— truth about the myth of ghost existence.

Preparation for Ghost Communication 

However, the question is; how far actually are we ready to have a personal communication with ghosts? Hence, the reason why we need to prepare ourselves mentally and psychologically before conducting ghost research is because there are possibilities that ghosts may communicate with us directly through our five senses. In fact, in my experience, most of the time I sensed the presence of ghosts through either the sound of someone moving, through sight, temperature changes and or through my personal instincts. However, ghostly apparitions witnessed before our eyes will not only make our equipment fail to function but it will also lead us to fail to document what we had witnessed, should the apparition happen too near us.

Meanwhile, some people who experience the appearance of ghosts have mentioned having uneasy feelings prior to the ghostly appearance, while the surroundings will suddenly become ‘dead’, as if in limbo. These similar experiences experienced by those who have experienced the presence of ghosts can be considered as pre-communication between both the ghost(s) and the person(s) who experienced the event. In fact, animals such as dogs and cats can see ghosts through their animal instinct.

Ghost Existence—Multitudes of Ghostly Appearances

Interestingly, I have never experienced capturing multitudes of ghostly appearances until I had experienced it during my solo investigations for two and a half hours at Singkir, Kedah back in 2007 during the Night Exploration Activity which involved seventy-eight students who had to walk alone through a jungle track. As for me, I had stationed myself at a track junction to capture both ghosts and students who participated in this event that resulted in my capturing sixty-six video clips of ghostly appearances and one hundred and ten video images of ghostly appearance.

unvelling ghost existence
I had stationed myself at a track junction to capture both ghosts and students.

For the first thirty minutes, I could hear someone passing by, feel the change in temperature and sniffed an unpleasant smell. In fact, I had captured a picture that showed three orbs floating over the track after I heard someone passing by. Therefore, being a paranormal videographer, I realize that if we open our mind and always think positively that ghosts are human too, then, we will end up capturing more ghosts. In fact, the video analysis below has shown that some of the ghosts behave just like human beings who feel scared by the appearance of people whereby these ghosts will go away whenever a participant of the Night Exploration Activity passed by where I was stationed. However, there are also ghosts that wait and follow the participants, especially those who are scared, and most probably these ghosts are tickled to see participants being very scared.

Research findings—The Truth About Ghost Appearances

However, this video recording not only shows how ghosts appear to us, but also lets us see how they appear; for the first thirty minutes, ghosts appear in the form of supercharged orbs and ecto cloud because they may still be not sure of me or they wanted to know exactly what I was doing. But after an hour, one of the ghosts had appeared in human-like transparent figure, which in my opinion is because it felt safe to show itself as it was. Interestingly, not only did this video recording give me an opportunity to see how fast ghosts travelled, but also proved that ghosts can be seen in many forms such as ecto clouds, supercharged orbs, vortex and glowing orbs because they exist in the form of pure energy.


Finally, to be a ghost researcher we need to be open-minded and always have positive thinking. Furthermore, if we behave positively towards ghosts, they themselves in return will behave in the same way how we treat them. Therefore, we need to apply respect and be polite not only towards human beings but also towards ghosts. We need to be humble and not be too judgemental. The truth is, ghost is not something to be feared, but to be acknowledged with respect and kindness—as ghost existence is the mirror of our life.

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An Associate International Member of the UK Geographical Association, the Assistant Afternoon Supervisor of Gurun Secondary School (Kedah, Malaysia), a Geography teacher with 28 years of teaching experience and holds a masters degree in Geography, former outdoor education trainer, an education application developer, an environmental researcher, a photographer, a videographer, a book author, a solo paranormal and ghost researcher, as well as the sole founder of Malaysian Ghost Research.

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